Embarrassing :(

Rather embarrassingly I seem to have lost all control over my bladder. I’m currently using Tena pads but am having to change them several times a day. What is there that offers better protection but isn’t really obvious under clothes, I need something that will offer protection as I move as I’m often wetting myself as I stand up. I’m kind of able to feel the urge to go as my skin prickles and I get a bit shivery but it’s often too late to make it to the loo by then. I’m not diagnosed and don’t feel I can talk to the gp about it.

Hi Tabitha

Would seriously suggest that you go to GP and ask for referral to a continence nurse. They are the best in this situation and are so kind and considerate and there’s loads they can do to help.

I have the opposite problem to yourself - I have become bowel incontinent but have difficutly opening my bladder and have to use an electrical device to jump start the bladder. Honestly wish it was the other way around. Don’t be embarrassed it’s better to get the help, please ask your GP for an urgent referral Dianne x

Hi, there`s really no need to feel embarrassed about this. But then I and many others, have been dealing with (or trying to) this kind of problem for a long time.

I think it would help you to speak to the continece service. In our area, we have something called Gateway to Care. This is the first port of call to get referred to other depts. You may need to be referred by your GP.

We dont need to be diagnosed in order to get help or meds. Ive been on oxybutynin for many years and it does help. I am also not yet diagnosed.

Whenever I find I am going more often, or having accidents, it could be caused by an infection.

We often have infections but don`t necessarily feel ill. So perhaps take a sample to your GP to check eh?

GPs are there to help us…don`t let embarrassment cause you more problems than you need, yeh?

luv POllx

Sure you need to get checked out quickly. May need referral to urologist via GP. There is a helpline number you can probably find through Google, something like the BBF. You can usually tell from a packaging graphic (number of coloured drips) about the absorbency. Tena pants are probably better than pads. Hartmann supply very large hour glass shaped pads but they lie quite flat so shouldnt be noticed.

Hi Tabitha

Im not diagnosed yet either and have suffered for the past 6 months with bladder urgency. When I spoke to neuro about it, she immediately referred me to a continence clinic.

I was absolutely dreading going to this clinic! I actually had a nightmare about it a few days ago!!

However, today was the dreaded day… my best friend came with me (although my mum had offered to come too - bless her). It was absolutely fine! The nurse I saw was lovely, very caring and understanding. She basically took a medical history of whats been going on neurologically, did a scan of my bladder (didnt even have to undress :D) and then sat there and spoke to me about it.

Please see your GP, contact your neuro, whatever… you need help in this department and there is alot of help out there!

Good luck

Paula xx


Ive not been diagnosed with MS, but waiting for an appointment with Neurologist. I thought Id reply to say please dont be embrassed x (big hug)

Visit your GP, mine was lovely and referred me to Incontinence nurse, my appointment was within 2 weeks too.

I had to empty my bladder just before I went in, she then scanned me to see how much urine was left. Then, did an internal. Where I had to try and use my muscles to grip her finger , first time muscles better as second time I had to do it there was nothing. I know thats not nice to resd, but I thought I share my experience of appointment so, if you or anyone esle had to be referred you kinda know what may happen. Also I had to take along a sample, she tested it there and said it had white blood cells in, therefore had to send it off… It came back ok according to doc’s receptionist.

I have to change a few things i drink… orange juice to apple juice, tea to decaf tea… for example… and exercise is to try and clutch my bum and try to tighen muscles in that area…Back again to see her early Oct.