Emergency wee's

I’ve been having real bladder issues recently. My OH refers to them as emergency wee’s (I have emergency poo’s as well) .

By the time I realise I need a wee, I have about two minutes to get to the loo, with stiff legs I’ve already started going by the time I get to my feet or before I get to the loo and on the loo. I cannot hold it at all and in addition to this it can take me several minutes (especially in the morning) for my bladder to empty, I tend to mostly empty then have a few other short spurts, again I can’t control this at all.

What can I do to help prevent accidents? I already wear the biggest Tena pads I can get away with without it being noticeable under my clothes.

I have similar issues with number two’s also although I tend to get a slight tummy ache a few minutes before I need to go which gives me enough warning usually.

It’s limiting what I can do and means I have to carry a change of clothes, pads and wet wipes with me everywhere. :frowning:

Have you tried switching to Decaff? I have found that it does not make me go as often also do not get the sudden urge as much. Have you got a Radar key for when you are out? So you can access disabled toilets Have you been to see your Dr about it? Think you can self refer if you want, have a look on NHS website. There are things that can be done, you don’t need to suffer like this. Take care and let us know how you get on.

Blimey tabitha - similar thing to me. It’s so distressing. You must must get help. Continence nurses are great. Phone your local hospital and ask to be put through to them and try to self refer or ask your GP to refer you. Yes it’s embarrassing to see them but it’s what they do every day. Your GP might be able to prescribe you meds not sure which ones Supportive hugs Minxx

My symptoms were very similar to yours.

I was referred to the continenece team,they made me keep a record for three days of fluid in and fluid out over 3 days.

The nurse came to the house and there is no embarrassment at all,its what they deal with all day.

There is so much they can do to help you,and mine scans me at home aswell,to see what is being left behind.I was given medication and we are now tweaking the dose.

You really should ask for an urgent referral as I am sure they could quite easily give you your life back.

If pads are a necessary thing not just a peace of mind thing you might get them on prescription aswell.

Take care Pip