wee wee's

all i do is seem to go the toilet,1 cup of coffee and i’ll go the toilet for a wee wee atleast 6 or 7 times

ive been like this for years but its never bothered me,infact its always been a family joke about it,if i went out drinking i would i would spent more time in the loo’s than in the pub

its bothering me now because my feet are walking on crushed glass and its doin g me head in cos i cant even have a cuppa cos of my wee wee’s

HI Mick

Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time of it. I don’t know much about it, but I’ve heard people on here talking about continence services/clinics that are available and are apprently very good.

Maybe talk to your GP/Neuro about getting a referral? (Not sure of the process)

I have had lots of bladder issues of late, so you have my every sympathy

PG xx

Hi, I also have bladder issues, so can sympathise with you.

About the type of coffee you drink…is it decaffinated? In my exerience, bladders dont like caffeine!

I drink fruit teas, or water, lots of it…you need water to keep your kidneys working well.

Drinking less only causes urine to be cloudy and smelly.

Have you seen a continence nurse? Ask for referral from your GP, as Pandagal advises.

I have a suprapubic catheter now, as I just couldnt cope after losing my mobility.

Good luck.



For my bladder issues (having to go lots and quickly!), my GP prescribed Oxybutilin which I have to say has really helped my bladder control. I still have to be careful but it is now much more manageable!


i will go the make an appointment tomorrow for the docs,i always put it down when i was 12yr old i wasnt allowed to go the toilet when i was in boarding school during study hours,we werent even allowed to look up and a couple of times i was busting that much i was made to wee myself,so i always put my bladder problems down to that,soory if that sounds like a sob story but its not

like i said early,it was a family/friend joke about my wee’s and never bothered me untill now as i’m not good on my feet at the moment

Hello Mick You’ve been given great advice, so make an appointment with your gp. He/ she will probably want to make sure everything is ok with your prostate…depending on your age…you may be young and your doc won’t have concerns in that area. Good luck xx

Me again. No wonder you are having bladder problems, with the boarding school issues…mean so and sos.


horrible boarding school in south africa poll,i was the only english kid,that was 1980,i just hope its all different nowadays over there

That’s an horrible and sad story Mick. I hope it didn’t affect your life in a negative way too much. Childhood is such a precious time. Noreen xx