Urine incontinence?

Is anyone having problems with bladder control? I have found over the last few days I’ve been leaking little bits :frowning: I get the urge to pee, go and it kinda feels like there is a narrowing, and even though I feel like I’m done, when I stand up and walk out of the bathroom I leak a bit more pee. It’s highly embarrassing and I’ve not told my partner. Have a GP appointment this afternoon to discuss it. Any ideas?

Yes hon, get the GP to refer you to incontinence nurse. Unfortunately it’s a common problem with MS.

Also, after peeing, stand up and wriggle around a bit… works for me!

Pat x

Haha will try that thanks. It’s so embarrassing! I’m only 28 and look younger so I’m too embarrassed to go buy incontinence pads! Relying on panty liners right now which I change every couple of hours x

Hon lots of people much younger than you have to use them.

Get Tena pads from chemist or supermarket. They are discreet and don’t show under clothes.

If you’re going through a lot of them, ask GP if they can prescribe.

Pat x

Thanks Pat :slight_smile: x

Yep I have no need to go then sudden urge to go that bad I wet myself a little. I also find that often after pu’ing I was standing and realising a bit more came out so now I sit and wiggle around until flow stops. No dx yet. X

That’s what I’m finding arwen. Stand up and more comes out x

You deffo need to try the toilet wiggle then I believe its bigger than gangnam style :wink: pretty effective just rock around until all clear! X

Hahahaha! Oh my days you made my night with that :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for posting this I have the same problem but was waiting to see gp next week about something else, but will mention it :slight_smile:

Unfortunately bladder problems are very common in MS and it is something many of us suffer from. There is loads of help and support out there to ease your symptoms including medication and as Pat has said, the continence nurses. They are wonderful and have seen it all before, so there is no need to be embarrassed. The GP ought to know exactly what to do to help you. Good luck - hope you get sorted! Teresa xx

Thanks. Unfortunately the GP referred it to neuro who pretty much ignored it x

Hi, I was recently offered a bladder stretch! Urologist said this could help with retention and poor flow…but I opted to go for an spc. Job done last week…verdict…super!

luv Pollx

Glad it went well x