Hi little question about incontinence… (sorry!)

I am bringing together a diary of symptoms for the neurologist as suggested previously. I am just wondering whether to include urinary incontinence…

This is because I am not sure what I experience is ‘relevant’ or not. I mean I have bladder weakness yes. I tend to take ages to empty my bladder sometimes and can be sitting there for ages. Sometimes having to actually try to flex bladder to get the urine out. I need the toilet often. And I can leak a lot particularly after standing up after being on the toilet which is soooo frustrating. I also always leak sneezing, coughing or jumping… etc without fail.

My question is whether this is just normal womanly incontinence/weakness or maybe should be on the list of symptoms and let it be considered? Basically is this normal or not for a woman!!

Thank you.

Hi trueman

definitely bring it up with your neuro.

ms absolutely affects the bladder.

a lovely nurse at the bowel and bladder clinic explained how the bladder works by 2 sets of muscles which work together.

one contracts and the other relaxes.

normally they work in a perfectly synchronised manner but we know what ms does to that!

you may be retaining urine which explains the leak after using the loo.

the bladder nurse can help with all these problems.

you can self refer or ask your gp to refer you.

to answer your last question - yes it affects a lot of women but it is affecting you and is likely due to ms.

a friend had a prolapse which has made her incontinent.

we all know people who drink too much and then wet themselves.

you are not alone so please see a bladder nurse.

carole x

Hi Trueman,

I’m new to all of this & I’m not diagnosed or an expert on anything, but I do know that the symptoms you are describing are not normal for anything. My 9 year old daughter has similar symptoms and in her case its because her bladder walls have been damaged. Definitely one to the neuro.


Thank you Carole. I’ve kind of put these issues down to having given birth! But wondering a little now. Getting worse. Rather than better. I shall mention it then. Thanks for replying!

Thank you Mali. Perhaps I should just mention it to GP next time I go as well. Just thought it was normal after giving birth! So put up over years…

Hi sounds like a classic case of retention/urgency…which is typical MS symptoms. I have/had this, but I dont have MS, Mie`s a chronic condition too.

There are things which can improve the problem.medication, exercises, self catheterising and as a last resort spc and a minor operation.

So yeh, tell your neuro chuck.

luv Polx