My Bladders gone dodgy

Twice yesterday I just wet myself with no warning at all its never happened before I didnt know I needed to go to the loo and was totally stunned embarressed couldnt stop it etc.

           Today I am just leaking urine with no control at all and my left leg feels really heavy.My husband has had to go to Tesco for incontinence pads.I am scared to be honest I will be onthe phone to my MS nurse first thing but it doesnt feel like a relapse.I have had three 'episodes' so far and have felt ill and wiped out by them today I am just mortified.Does it sound like a relapse or could there be another explanation ?

 Ellie x

Hi Ellie

You are doing the right thing contacting your ms nurse. Bladder problems are very common with ms. There is a lot that can be done to help. I take Detrusitol to help with urgency and am currently waiting for Botox treatment. I don't know if this could be a relapse but again your ms nurse should be able to advise you. Good luck - Carol

Sorry to hear that it must be very upsetting/embarrising I have the opposite problem with my bladder, I know I need to go but nothing will come out (pis en deux) it often means I end up waking up at about 3am as I couldnt go before bed time. 

Hi Ellie

Is it possible that you have a UTI? Perhaps you need to see your GP? UTIs can cause incontinence.

Teresa xx

my wife is convinced that the tablets to help me are making me worse at nite,and imm beggining to agree with her,as people has said there are things they can  do to help,,just need to contact continience nurse,and hopefully eventually she will get un fixed,(thats wot im hopin)

((HUGS)) that sounds scary, I hope your MS can help you xxx

Sorry I meant MS nurse! 


Bladder/UTI infecxtion is a possibility, go to the doctor and get container for a urine sample.

If it is MS then consider LDN.  Its not a cure but it does seem to reduce the urgency, you seem to be more able to control the bladder.

Also consider internettant self catheterisation, tal to Doctor or MS Nurse.  Been doing ISC for several years and the combo of LDN an ISC seems to eliminate 99% of accidents. Also learn to listen to your body, don't take silly risks, they usually end up biting you in the bum

Still get caught short but very rarely

Good luck,


heya…sorry to hear of your probs…I had very similar accident just overa week ago…am not dx and having investigations but it seems it’s a neuro prob for me and the Continance nurse said its common with ms patients and those with spinal injury or spine probs…my left leg went very odd also…heavy like lead…tight and she thinks the bladder spasm also set my leg off…all numb round bits too…right leg heavy less so than left. I was same …had no idea it happened…or aware it had…def geta urine sample to gp and appt to Continance nurse…it may bea relapse or something else either way you may need to see a urologyst ? gp can do urgent referal ESP if you are still leaking…mine was just once re a big flood and have had two smaller ones since…my bowel was affected in as much as it slowed down and constipation was much worse than usual
hang in there…you are not alone""


 I have seen my ms nurse this morning she is recommending Detrusitol and being admitted for steroid treatment.My absolute minimum goal for breast feeding was six weeks so Ive said no as I would have to stop.

  If in two weeks things are no better I will let them do their druggy worst

Ellie x


Yup  I understand, steroids and bazby's milk probably don't go together and derusitol s not good for the memory.  I don't think LDN affects milk production but check

Good luck anyway



 I am going to give in I feel rubbish and I really dont know what to do for the best but cant carry on I am so totally shattered my left legs totally numb I cant pick my foot up and I cant control my bladder.

   I just feel a total failure even my diagnosis didnt feel as bad its a week and things are getting worse not better so I am going to try and be grown up admit defeat and ring first thing to get some treatment.

        Ellie x