Bladder and Bowel Problems

Hi to all, I am back to having bladder problems leaking again and not getting to loo on time Cus of overactivity and Bowel leakage ECT and having numbness in my hands and wrists Too which is horrible when I wake up all I’ve got is Numbness and tingling horrible. I have to go bk to docs in 4 weeks for review I’ve been put on pregabalin 75 mg Will have to see if they work lol. Dolphin_500


Please clarify u mean etc and not ect?!

Ta, Ellie

I meant to put extra.

I keep having bladder leakage where I don’t get to loo on time so all my lower clothes are wet and same with Bowel leacage from bottom 2 but at the min bladder worse 2 tonight was wet through when came bk from shopping And just woke up and couldn’t go in loo cud son was in Shower so more wet clothes. I’ve now had to put a pad on n hope it didn’t happen again lol. Dolphin500.

Have you seen / do you see a bladder and bowel nurse for help and support? Maybe Botox would help for the bladder? If it’s caused by bladder spasms it might well help. Or maybe bladder calming drugs like Oxybutynin, if you can stand the dry mouth that is. As for the bowel, maybe your continence nurse could suggest ways to manage that. It could be that a system like Peristeen might help to regulate your bowels. If you don’t already have a bowel and bladder nurse, you could self refer or ask either your MS nurse or GP to refer you. If you do have a B & B nurse, get an appointment and see if you can get some help with both. Sue

Hi S Sue, I do have a bladder nurse called Rachael who I see about my bladder going for appointment 29 nov I’ve told Her about my bowel and she says I need another referral which I will try to get from doctor when I next go Hopefully get an appointment this next week. Thanks for info. Dolphin_500.

Hello all, I’ve had MS for 21 years (time does fly when your having fun!)I’m writing because It has not been a great month, as I had my driving licence pulled by DVLA two weeks ago and yesterday had a complete episode of bowel incontinence in a car park, had to get driven home sitting on carrier bags with the windows open. Here’s the thing, had pain for 21 years (still not on top of it), had to give up my work and my salary for19 years, not slept a decent night sleep for 20 years, used an electric wheelchair for 4 years, but this last episode has just been the straw on the camels back. So to my question! Is there a certain point where you should just say “enough is enough”, and give in to the inevitable? This is all such hard work.

Oh bloody hell, yes. Me too. 21 years in. Sometimes enough is enough. But then I find my ability to keep buggering on (pinched that phrase I must admit), from my dearly loved OH, my friends, those people on here who sometimes need help and sometimes are just entertaining.

You have had a bugger of a month. You have my empathy.

I get it.

You have my very sincere well wishes that the next month is better for you.


Thanks, Ssssue, for the good wishes, re. next month being better, I’d settle for a better fortnight, and if that’s pushing it, how about a week? On the whole and looking back, getting MS was not such a great life choice. I think dandruff would have been better!

if only there was a shampoo like there is for dandruff! footballers would be falling over themselves to star in the ads. my bladder nurse is wonderful but they moved the clinic to a far flung corner of bolton and since i no longer drive it’s £30+ on taxis! which since i no longer have my salary is a stretch. it’s the one thing that made me wish i had the flight for switzerland stashed away! you have my empathy.

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Ok, so you can’t afford to get the medical care you need, and your obviously too lazy to walk the mere 60 miles there and back to get the help you need from your continance nurse, but you do have two new, shiny aircraft carriers, so perhaps you should get your priorities in order? Some people! As to Swiss flights, you need a lot of paperwork, take my word for it.

pillbox the aircraft carriers haven’t arrived. reluctant to put a claim in because there is too much paperwork. which i’m too lazy to be bothered with. better face it, i’m a complete lazy arse!

If the cap fits! … thought about a career in politics? you could hasten the privatisation of the NHS (and maybe buy another aircraft carrier or two?)

that’s a bit mean pillbox

Sorry! I should have known better, my probation officer is always telling me. And any, some people will agree that aircraft carriers are more important than the NHS. Given I worked for that esteemed organisation for 11 years, I know it is a well oiled machine that does not make mistakes or wast money.