Please help :(

This is so embaressing, I am having trouble getting to the loo on time (never had this before) It’s happened 3 times, I feel the need to go, but can’t hold it for 5secs till I get to bathroom? Very loose and messy. I can’t tell anyone, I’m devastated! I can’t stop crying

Hi there, Please don’t be embarrassed, it happens to so many of us with MS. I do remember how devastating it was and although it took me a while I did learn to cope. Speak to your MS nurse, if you have one, she may refer you to a continence nurse or she may help you deal with the problem herself ? There are solutions so I am sure she will be able to help you manage the situation. I know it’s hard to talk about but your nurse will have dealt with this hundreds of times, she will soon put you at your ease. I’m sure someone more knowledgable will be along to give you help and advice but in the meantime I send you a very sympathetic hug. Nina x

Thank you Nina :((( Life is so cruel sometimes x

Oh dear, I was anon, as so embaressed, but am out there now (forgot to anon myself,) God it gets worse!!!

I have struggled with this for something like two years. I’m now on vesicare, self-catheterising and still wearing a regular continence pad - but not having accidents any more - or shall we say, I haven’t had one for something like two weeks. Incontince is a horribly embarrassing problem but you can get help. Sending you lots of sympathy and hugs.


i know exactly where u r coming from…

i lost bowel control 18 ish months ago. saw continence nurse. decided to try peristeen twice a week. all was well until recent huge attack starting june 2012. i lost well over 2 stone and just now i am starting to eat more and regularly again. this has brought more accidents til i relearn habit. i like peristeen cos its only water-no drugs. i try to keep regular and unconstipated via diet. peristeen allows u to empty bowel when u want. its not a quick fix but i think very worthwhile trying. t*sco were fed up of me stinking out the freezer aisle! i am sure it will all settle down again once i get used to new bowel habit.

easily found in a search if u want more info-or pm me if u want…

ellie x

There’s no need to be embarrassed your amongst the people that know exactly how it feels to have this problem, I can’t even cough without wetting myself these days and at 44 that’s not even funny. I also get the message that I need to go but sometimes don’t manage to get half way up the stairs. Thinking of you Sue xx

Aah bless you…but don’t be embarrassed…it’s a problem with MS, so people understand and empathise…and some are there themselves. I saw a continence nurse when first diagnosed and she was brilliant. (((((()))))))) from me to you xx

Thank you, your all so lovely. I’m sick to death of crying, I just want to be me again, with no worries, not being bullied by Dr and OH about work, money running out, I can’t see an end. I try to stay positive, then something comes along to smack you again xx

Oh lovey I think we all feel like this at some point I know I do Sending you (((((HUGS))))) xxx

That’s exactly how I felt a couple of months ago and still do some days…but do you know what ?? Despite it sounding like a twee platitude, you really do settle into it and learn to accept / cope better. The financial worries really are hugely stressful so once you address those, I think it’s a huge weight off. Have you applied for DLA yet as well ? And it’s ok to cry…it’s a good release valve. Xx

Yes I get DLA. MrsH, I sound like you, but your 2 months ahead of me, so hopefully in a couple of months time, I’ll be where you are, settling in and coping better x

Of course the whole continence thing is embarasing, but as the other folks are saying, here on this forum, you are among others who understand fully, with many, been there, done it, got the tshirt!

I’ve got the urine problems, pads and starting intermittent self cath next week, and I do worry, freak really about the bowels side, so I really understand and feel for you, esspecially if your younger, I’m 44 so still youngish!!! speak to your ms nurse or GP and get to see a continence nurse, mine is lovely and very supportive and helped me loads.

Take care




Im 28 and i have to use a catheter some times. I can barely tell when i need to poop , so it can get messy i guess. But their is help their you just need to ask for it. There are ways and means to control toilet issues, but it does seem we find this out the hard way.



Hi, well hun, just 10 minutes ago, I felt a sudden urge to poo. I have to get myself hoisted out of my recliner, into the wheelie, into the bathroom, transfer to loo and then go. Yes, I made it this time, but not always! Then there are times when I cant go for 6 days and a district nurse comes to give me an enema.

I wear big NHS pads, so when I have an accident, bladder or bowel, it usually catches the offending matter! Sometimes I have to miss my weekly outing, as I dont trust my bowels to go out into the general public and behave themselves!

Why not speak to a continence nurse? Your GP will refer you.

luv Pollx

Don’t panic yet I’ve had this about 3 times and then it stopped completely so hopefully it will stop. I think I must have had a bad stomach and also anxiety.I also had pribiotic drinks which calmed my system down.hope this helps xx