Bladder problems getting worse

I have had problems with crontrolling my bowels before oftem letting go of them while I was driving leaving me a nice mess to clean up wshen I got home but I have always had better control of my bladcer I haveeven lost controll of my bowels while I was at work leaving staff a nice mess to clean up but I have always had better controll of my bladder.

I was out driving my brand new car the other day and I lost controll of both my bowels and bladder, you could say that I have christened my car lol as I have done to all the other cars i have owned lol but this time i also lost control of my bladder

Woke u;p this mlorning to discoiver that I had wet the bed

I do try to stay positive about this horrible condition but sometimes it is really hard espesically when my own mother seems more concerned about how it is affecting her.

my heart goes out to you i feel so sorry for the moment i having the same trouble with my bladder .this is the first time i,ve lost control of my bladder .normally i had problems passing urine now its the other way round.please please you sound a very strong person ,ms might have won this battle but never the war.

as for your mother , she sounds exactly like mine.

look after yourself ,and remember you have a family on here who care about you and understand what your going through and we are always here for you

take care xx

Hey Raggamuffin - bowels and bladder for me too. It just so embarrassing, humiliating and degrading. Have you seen a continence nurse - mine is great. What meds are you on? Me tolteridine, despompressin, norgilax and ISC. Desmopressin is the one that stopped me weeing at night. It really is rubbish Hugs Min xx


If you’re a bloke, then the easy option is to use a sheath & leg bag. The sheath is like a condom but with a hole at the end, which you can then attach to a tube with a bag on the end, which you then strap round your leg. When I discovered this it made such an enormous difference. You can also get night bags, which have a larger capacity and a longer tube, so the bag sits on the floor rather than strapped to your leg, meaning you can happily slepe through the night without having any accidents. (This explains better -

You can get them on prescription, so ask to be referred to a continence nurse and they’ll be able to help more.


Ask your GP or MS nurse to refer you to the continence clinic. Although I belief in some areas of the country you can self refer.

There is lots they can do to help with these things

Good Luck!

Yes I am male and yes I have seen a continece nurse she gave me a lovely chart about different stools and how the movicol that I take each night affects my system.

The thing is, most days I seem to be ok with the symtoms and as the song say’s I carry on regardless and refuse to let things stop me getting help from Will Power to get me moving, but some day’s even Will refuses to help me out asnd needs a good kick up the ass before he will get me going again.

I do just wanna give up some days and find it harder and harder to stay positive even with seeing all the SEN kids and blind war vetrans with more problems than me that I have worked with.


I’be been through this and can understand where you are, it’s awful and gets you down. I use Peristeen daily for my bowels and have botox for my bladder. Life will never be ‘normal’ and it’s always there in my head…‘maybe tday I’ll have a accident’ but since having these two methods, to help my bladder/bowel control, life has returned to near normal (98% of the time maybe!). Get yourself to a continence nurse and get them you help you, this is often the hard bit! You’re right, there are people worse off out there than us and it’s well worth remembering that BUT (and it’s a big but) you are important, you need help and you are entitled to it so make sure you get it and jump up and down until you do. Don’t let MS ruin things-it’s not fair.

Good luck


Mine is the other way, I cant go by myself. I have to use a cath all the time now and with a constantly numb hand it can be a nightmare. Just if I dont use it, my urine goes back to my kidneys and back again and so on. Then comes the danger with sweats, temp, swelled tummy etc Then I know its gone way too far.

I really feel for you but the specialists and meds out there are really good. Talk to you GP and ask for a referal. I always use motto, I’ve got MS MS hasn’t got me. There’s more of me in there, try to stay positive. Good luck x

I has a suprapubic catheter fitted and botox in August which has made a massive difference to my life. My bowels are usually ok now unless I really! need to empty my bladder then my bowels empty of their own accord. I know how you feel, it can be degrading and embarrasing but if other people have a problem with it then it’s their problem. Not much we can do about it.

The continence team are usually brilliant for giving advice, I’ve relied heavily on them for a few years now. I like Diane’s saying, I use it too! x

I love that motto Dianne, its like my aunt’s mum who has arthritus and says “I leave Arthur Ritus at home and go out with Will Power”

Attitudes like that are the best way to deal with thnese horrible things life throws at us we coul;d all do with a guardian at times