Some advice please

Bladder has been causing some issues lately so I’m thinking about using a catheter. I’d be really grateful if you guys could share some experience with me and help in my decision. Thanks in advance

Hi CaveBear, don’t know exactly what problems you’re having and I’ve never had to use a catheter but was prescribed Detrusitol for an over active bladder. This certainly stopped me wanting to go what seemed like every 15 mins. Unfortunately it started to work too well so had to come off it. Heather xx

The latest med for bladder control - without all the horrid side-effects that oxybutinin and detrusitol etc. is Betmiga.

Do give it a try before going down the self-catheterisation line. Also, LDN is very beneficial at giving you back control of your bladder.

Thanks guys


If you’re a fella then one option could be a sheath & leg or night bag. The sheath is like a condom with a hole at the end, which you can then attach to bag that you can strap round your leg, or a larger bag for use at night. It means you don’t have to worry about urgency or whether or not your near a loo.

I perform ISC as well. When the idea was first mentioned I ignored it as hated the sound of it, but eventually had to start. Unsurprisingly, I wish I started sooner. I thought it might be uncomfortable or even a bit painful to do, but I was surprised at how little I felt. It’s great to know that I’ll not need to go to the loo again for a few hours.

Ask to be referred to a continence nurse & they’ll talk you through the different options, but feel free to ask me anything as well.


hi cave bear

my bladder is trying to rule my life!

i self catheterise - not as bad as it sounds, ought to have shares in tena lady, have patches for my over active bladder and have taught myself a few tricks to get the pee going.

rock backwards and forwards to enable the pee to flow.

make sure that you are not constipated because that has an effect on your pee.

also HBOT (hyper barric oxygen therapy) helps with peeing.

don’t get hung up about it. see a continence nurse and get your life back.

carole x