Ladies and Bladder problems

Sorry for the anon but struggling with this at the moment.

I have had urgency problems for some years and take medication (the name escapes me right now). However about a year ago I started having intermittent problems emptying my bladder, I could be desperate to go and when I got there either nothing or a pathetic trickle. The hospital tried reducing my medication and even stopping it altogether, but that just meant more “accidents”.

So we have settled on half my original dose of medication plus intermittent self catheterisation. it does seem to be helping I only go to the loo once at night now major improvement to my normal 4-6 trips a night. Just cant relax though which is making it harder to do I’m sure.

I’m using LOFRIC Sense at the moment does anyone have any other suggestions or tips, or just some reassurance that it gets better.


Sorry have no knowledge of this drug; I take 40ml Amitriptyline at night and am told that apart from helping with spasms/pain is it can help with bladder urgency. Cant’s say that I’ve noticed this too much. I do however self cathetise and after struggling with it for several months and having at least one infection. My Neuro said I should persever and do this twice per day. It has now become so easy that like others I can recommend it. I can empty my bladder before going out which does also help with urgency.



Hi, in my experience, lofrac sense catheters are the worst ones to use (that’s what i’ve found anyway) cos they are so fiddly and bursting the saline bag hurts your hands. i’ve found speediecath compact to be the best catheters cos they are small, compact, non fiddly, and the tube is much shorter in length, which make it more comforable to insert. Everyone is different though, so you will need to try out lots of diffferent catheters to finf out which one suits you best. feel free to pm me for more info, love Bex xx


Take a look at the Interstitial Cystitis (IC) Help web-site as you could find changing what you eat improves your symptoms. I also have “To Wake In Tears” by Catherine M Simone which has become my bible.

I self-diagnosed myself with IC last year after my Neuro and MS Nurse didn’t take me seriously. They assumed all my problems were MS related. Finally saw a Urologist last week who was no help at all, a complete waste of space, so it’s back to Catherine’s book and taking Holistic recovery more seriously.


I fimd that Speeicath Compact are too short for me and don’t empty my bladder properly - so I use the regular Speedicath. They are easy to get into but never leak in my bag (they have sterile saline in their storage bags)… My problem is that I am quite petite in that area and only need a size 10 which can be hard to get hold of. During a relapse recently I had to have an indwelling - the smallest size avaiable is a 12 - it was so uncomfortable - I couldn’t wait for my hand to recover feeling so I could resume ISC and get rid of the indwelling…

PS my problem is a large retention which causes UTIs and I don’t seem to be able to empty on my own these days (except when I have a bladder spasm and empty involuntarily!) I take a diuretic to keep me going and toltoterine to control the spasms.

l have had a supra-pubic catheter for about 15yrs. Life before was pretty grim being nappied up all the time. And l could not manage the self-catheterising. lt gave me back my self-respect. Most people who take LDN find it gives them back the control of their bladders.


Hi , how are you? i have bladder problems also, can be fine for wekks then, BANG!! bladder goes again.I use Hydrosil discreet, which are great, sometimes you have to go through a few catheters before you find the right one, hope this helps