After another fall due to council refusing to widen doors for my wheel chair, i had a fall and broke my ankle in 2 places, which meant it had to be operated on, plate and screws, i asked for a catherter because i didn’t pass urine for 2 days and stomach was in agony.

after a week catherter came out as it was leaking, but now after 3 weeks home i still have urgency and before my bladder was decent, so want to get back to that, anything i can do to help improve it so i don’t need to wear pads or will it improve once i am able to walk again abit?

Hi there,

I think it would be best if you could see your GP and perhaps they could put you on medication to help with the urgency. Also you could mention that you’re having difficulties in your home they could possibly refer you to an occupational therapist. Really the first step is to see your GP.

All the best. Jane X

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I’m so sorry Anon, it’s such a shame when the council put saving money before care it must cost them so much more in the long run. I’ve had issues with my bladder for quite a while . Last year I had botox in the bladder to help with urgency and frequency . It worked but a bit too well so I ended up needing to use an intermittent catheter for quite a while afterwards . I’m supposed to go again but the new tablets I’m on for nerve pain called amitriptyline . They seem to have helped with the bladder problems . I have a commode next to my bed and frequently had disturbed sleep because of the bladder now it’s much better and I have a good sleep thanks to the tablets I’m also on betmiga. I hope that you feel better soon . Michelle and Frazer xx

i do take betmiga is there anything better then that, i mean might be coz i not walked for ages due to break not sure to be honest.

thamks all


I read up a bit about bladder health/meds and understood betmiga is best one. Because I had to see urology (kidney stones and a valve that might need an op) I discussed with Dr and said I’d read about betmiga, so luckily that was the name he noted in my letter so my GP happily prescribed that.

I was scared of taking a med that would ‘relax’ my bladder, all ok tho. I even blogged about it, I never knew it could be so complicated!

Hope you get things sorted out

Sonia x

My bladder is getting to be a problem and acute annoyance too. I now use a bottle full time with occasional disastrous results which hardly endears me to my long-suffering wife. Mishaps have included an inability to access my penis quickly enough (I now rarely wear underpants) and the bedsheet rucking at the neck of the bottle, soaking everything. Add to that that my hands can sometimes be gnarled like someone arthritic and occasionally I can get the trajectory of the bottle wrong. I shan’t even mention the mid-wee spasms to catch me offguard…

Overnight I use vermagel ‘teabags’ which are a godsend, though sometimes difficult to acquire. I have arranged a home visit of a continence adviser later this month with the idea to having a suprapubic catheter installed which hopefully will tick all the right boxes. Regards, Stephen

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Hi Stephen,

Before you go down the route of a suprapubic catheter it would be worth considering a condom/sheath and leg or night bag option. This doesn’t involve surgery.

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I second Anthony’s suggestion. I’ve had a supra pubic catheter and honestly just wish I had a penis so I could use the condom variety.

I’ve never had so many infections in my life. I think I had 4 separate UTIs in 6 months. And doing ISC I haven’t had a single one since removal of the SPC in September. I also had a nasty wound infection around the site of the SPC.

If I were a man, I would definitely opt for the condom type.

(And this is the one any only time in my life I’ve ever wished I were a man, or had a penis. Freudian I am not, no penis envy in my life. Except this one thing!)


Catherters give me water infections had 2 in hospital, had one at home cause I’m bed bound at the moment can’t weight bare for a while xx

Thank you all for your advice you have given me something to ponder.
I am currently on a bit of a cocktail of tablets including one for DVT and of course of anti-biotics for an angry ulcer on my left foot. My right foot wanted to get in the action which resulted in number two Toe being amputated at the end of last year which is taking its time to heal, obviously due to circulation problems. I’ve recently started to take a cannabis spray, (though as yet I haven’t taken my maximum allowed daily quota)

So, for those interested, at inconvenient times I’ve got to fish around for it before
I should also have mentioned the most frustrating piece to my peeing puzzle is when I can’t find my penis! I am currently on a bit of a cocktail of tablets including something for my DVT and a course of antibiotics for an angry ulcer on my foot. I also had a offering the bottle and hopefully found the right place…
When I see the consultant later this month I shall certainly broach the subject but at the moment I hope that both he and the continence nurse don’t want to examine me, at least without a spyglass!!

Two old men were discussing what tablets they took and the one went through his list which he said also included half a Viagra tablet. He said that the Viagra tablet did nothing for his sex life but it stops him peeing in his slippers…

Regards, Stephen (or soon to be Stephanie at this rate)