Bladder problems

I’ve just come in from the continence clinic and wet myself on the way home - how ironic is that? I didn’t embarass myself too much as I had dark trousers on and it happened as I was putting my walker in the car. The nurse had done a scan and there was 126 ml in my bladder just minutes before it happened.

I take 10mg solifenacin each morning and use a catheter (ISC) each night but the urgency and frequency are getting worse. I had told this to the nurse and the only suggestions she had was to put a sample in to see if I had an infection and to look at what I was drinking, but it seems to me everything irritates the bladder! I asked if I should use a catheter in the morning and she said I could try and see if that works!

I just wondered if anyone had any other ideas as I really don’t want this happening at any other more embarrasing times!

Sarah x

I suffer from urgency and recently started taking Betmiga, a new drug for irritable bladder . Function now normalised which has given me freedom .

hi sarah

ooh you’re right about it being ironic.

i self cath in the morning and always get at least 100 mls and sometimes as much as 400mls.

now i’m a bit scared because recently i can’t pass urine, not even through a catheter.

i’ll have to see my continence nurse about that.

but to answer your question - yes try ISC in the morning and maybe evening as well.

carole x

Hi Sarah I ISC 5-6 times a day. If I didn’t I’d spent my life on the toilet and be constantly wetting myself. I would try more if I were you. It’s not going to harm you? Good luck Min xx

Hi Sarah,

Like Min I was using up to 7 ISC’s a day before I had my SPC. Once a day is possably not enough if you never properly emptying your bladder when you go to the loo.

Hope this helps,

Sara x

Thanks to you all for your ideas.

Today hasn’t been as bad, I used a catheter this morning and I do think this has helped. I’ve also put a urine sample in just in case I’ve got an infection.

I think what annoyed or upset me most is that the nurse didn’t really give any suggestions as to what I should do next. Admittedly she didn’t know I was going to have an accident straight after the appointment!

Take care,

Sarah x

I think catheterising more frequently may well help. I have just been told I can have botox injections in my bladder - this is a solution for people who find they get an urgent need to urinate even when their bladder isn’t full. But carry on with the catheter and then the drugs. You may find you need botox later.