can anyone advise me on suddenly becoming incontinent?

Can anyone advise me on suddenly becoming incontinent please?  I have had ms for 34 years and can self-catheterise but now can't leave the house as I am unable to control bowel.  I will never be able to leave the house again and immodium etc. has no effect.



I am 28 and only recently had this problem - it has only occured once but I read up on it. You need to get in touch with your nurse. I am sure there is medication or therapy to help. The best thing to do is contact your professional. I know it is embarassing. I am a total prude when it comes to stuff like that but you have to just be brave and talk to someone. 

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Your continence nurse will definately be able to help. There is a device that can be used daily to evacuate your bowels a bit like colonic irrigation.


I want that device to help my constipation (eek). I've seen pics looks a bit erm I dunno but not fun springs to mind.

My continence nurse mentioned the anal plug (what rebecca called an anal tampon) to me even though my issue is the opposite. Is this a sudden prob (eg past few days) or one you've had for a few weeks? As it could be something you've been taking, meds or food. Either way I would either give your continence nurse a call or your GP if s/he's a bit hard to get a hold of.

I hope everything goes well for you.

Yes this happened to me about 18 months ago - I got referred to the COntinence nurse and then to a gastroenterology specialist nurse - I take Imodium syrup to keep me slightly constipated and then Peristeen irrigation system to empty my bowels every few days.  I had investigations to make sure nothing sinister happening - there wasn't.   I am incredibly nervous about going out and plan my life around the toilet - however it is possible to get things better under control.  The imodium liquid is easier to control the does of than the tablets- it is only available on prescription though.

I'm yet to have a firm diagnosis of MS, but I have similar issues I leak urine almost constantly and have no pelvic floor, my bladder often doesn't fully empty and I often have emergency poo's as I call them, when I know I need to go and need to be on the loo within a couple of minutes or I have an accident, over the last couple of weeks I have had several accidents where I haven't felt the urge to go at all, I am relieved to find their are ways of managing this as mentioned in this thread.

I have had problems lately with constipation and whilst asking for help I was told about the Peristeen irrigation system . Apparently you need to contact a continence nurse but meanwhile, if you have the latest MS matters magazine if you look for the advert you can send off for the DVD. I am told that it helps you take control of your bowel and was told that it has transformed some people’s lives. I do occasionally get bowel incontinece and had it for a whole year 12 years ago. I decided that I want to know how to deal with it if I become incontinent again so ordered the DVD. There are a few articles on the subject in the MS Matters magazine too. Good luck



Has anybody used ARALAX please?!  My GP has said he will prescribe Peristeen for me but I am still waiting to hear from continence nurse or Peristeen people.  I'm still terrified of having another accident and only go out with my husband in car if that makes sense!!  I am going to lovely hairdresser at 2.00pm for an appointment that lasts an hour and am so worried.  Not even worried so much about accident but wind!!  Sure this sounds really trivial but a HUGE problem to me.  Sorry to moan so much and don't even know if I'm posting this message in right place.

Yeah got this too what delights ms throws at us. Incontinence -often gone by accident and had to walk with pants full of poo. Prescribed loperamide well it certainly worked -constipated me to the ceiling! Reduced dose to every other day. Much discomfort and poohed what I call loperamide bullets. Just the discomfort and anxiety of knowing i need to go but when is awful. Now experimenting with codeine. Working better.

Very distressing, thought I wouldn’t have to face this one for ages but just 3 years into diagnosis and here it is! I’m about to try peristeen - mucking on by in the meantime with imodium syrup, suppositories and by being REALLY PARANOID about going places. Not ideal lol. would like to hear how you get on, G -x-