bladder problem

Hiya all, Bit embarrassing really, has anybody ever experienced a bladder problem to the point that your bladder stops letting you know you need to go, And when your actually passing water you can’t help it along because it feels numb, I have been like this for the past 4 days, is this part of PPMS? Thanks guys for reading sue xx

Hi Sue

Lots of people with MS have bladder (and bowel) problems, have a word with your MS nurse or GP who can refer you to a continence nurse, I also think you can self refer.

I sometimes feel numb and so can’t tell if I am pppassing water or whether I have finished, so I listen and try to know that way! Other days I have urgency and struggle to hold on, but there is medication that may help you.

The joys of MS!! Hope you feel better soon, take care.

Pam x

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Hi Sue, sounds very MS to me.

I agree with Pam. Get a referral to continence nurse.

Also remember that even with PPMS symptoms can come and go… so hopefully it will get back to normal.

Never feel embarrassed about discussing anything on here! We discuss anything!

Hope it goes away soon. In meantime, try and remember to sit on the loo about every hour & see if you can go. If you’re worried about leaking when you’re out, buy some Tenna pads. Even if you don’t need one it can help you feel more confident.

All the best and I really hope things return to normal soon.

Pat xx

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PS someone told me recently that Always pads are much better than Tena.

Pat xx

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Do look at Joy’s post Biotin and Bladder.


Hiya all, Thank you for your replies, I’ve phoned my ms nurse and she’s going to sort referel out , I must admit she is really good as is my neuro who I see every 6months, Pat the always ones are so much better than Tenna, Take care all love and light sue x


Betmiga is the best of the meds for bladder control - the others make you feel so woozy and drymouthed.

And LDN and Biotin are good for getting back control of your bladder.