Speech and bladder problems??


I have rrms.

Over the last couple of months, I find that my
words come out wrong sometimes.

Also my bladder leaks sometimes.

Is this a relapse ??

Or just progression of ms ???

Or is it ms related??

Any help please ???

All i can say that events like this go along with the MS journey - well mine anyway - forgetting names & making the loo in time for a pee - having to really concentrate to get things right - cognitive difficulties

Hi, just wondering if you may have a uti?

If this is not your usual pattern, why not ring your MS nurse if possible?


Early in my journey I had bladder issues (bowels also). It has been a regular (but largely manageable) symptom.

As for speech, my mum (god rest her soul) felt that my speech had altered as my MS deteriorated. I have not noticed a change in that, but feel my grasp of expressing myself has.

Stay strong, and positive.

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Bladder issues are quite possibly due to MS but as mentioned, could be something else. When I was having increasing symptoms with my water works last year, both me and the GP thought it was the prostate. Urologist ruled that out very quickly but bladder was not emptying properly so started with Intermittent Self Catheterisation which makes a huge difference with day-to-day life. Then my MS hit in other ways so pretty certain it was the cause.

Could also be a side effect of some meds.

Definitely worth discussing with your MS nurse. There are options available to manage continence.

My wife had a progressive form of MS and besides optic neuritis, her incontinence was a major problem. She took to wearing the panty briefs that contain the urine and she might have to change several times a day but she no longer worried about leakage or damaged clothing.

I believe it was just part of the progression of MS because at some point she did not have the strength to fully void her bladder. Her MS was stronger on her left side so we eventually stopped trying to have intercourse because of the strange tingly sensation was too uncomfortable for her.

There are several brands on the market and range in styles and femininity. Give them a try and good luck. They also are available for men as well.