Question about blader problem

I am having some problems with leaking.  It happens if I feel the need to go but have to hold on for a some reason.  I am OK for a short time when I know that I can't go, for example if I am out of the house, but as soon as I know I can go shortly, for example as I open the front door then I have some leaking.  It also sometimes happens at home, I feel the need to go and as soon as I touch the toilet door handle then I start to go


I would like to know if this is an MS thing?  Also if there is any help I can get with this and who to talk to GP or MS Nurse?


Thanks very much



Hello Sandra,

Go and talk to GP, this does mean that you definitely have MS but many people who have MS have bladder problems, I'm one of them.  In fact I think it was my first symptom of MS, this was way back in 1979.  I've had what the doctors call 'urgency' all and problems completely emptying my bladder for my life.

I know that it is not an easy matter to talk about.

Good luck,


Hi Sandra

I was in the same situation as you.  My MS nurse arranged for a Urologist to see me and they have given me a medication to assist me, after a few weeks of taking it, it seems to be working. 


Hi Sandra

I had this same problem, exactly as you describe. My GP prescribed medication which helps a lot. There is more than one drug for this problem, if the first doesn't work go back and ask to try another.

Good luck


Hi, I take oxybutynin to calm my over sensitive bladder. It works about 80% of the time.

I believe you can self refer to the incontinence service nurses.

luv Pollx

It does sound like MS Sandra, I recently discovered cranberry juice, can’t recommend it enough. Cranberry capsules are better apparently as they don’t contain sugar. It has calmed my bladder down and made accidents less frequent. It does sound like something you need to discuss with an MS nurse though and he/she can refer you to continince nurse.


I think there is some kind of reflex controlled at a more or less subliminal level that signals certain muscles controlling pressure in the urethra to relax in anticipation of other muscles starting to contract to squeeze the bladder. We signal this relaxation to take place when we know we are acting directly in preparation to urinate (e.g. opening the toilet door). Maybe it just speeds up the process a little by getting the prep out of the way ahead of the act (otherwise the queue outside the ladies might be a little longer!). I think that normally the relaxation of itself should not result in urine flow because the resistance to the opening of the  bladder would still be enough to counteract the pressure in the bladder, but it probably ramps up the urge.  However, as I found myself as things start to go wrong, something upsets the balance of force such that the bladder pressure overcomes the relaxed resistance and urination will start ahead of the contraction. What I have found that works (though can still get caught off guard) is to consciously do anything but relax until ready to aim and especially when bending to lift up the lid.

I called it the “can’t get my jeans undone fast enough problem” soon as I undid the belt……….

I was referred to the urology service and given medication, which has totally solved the problem. I can now go 3 hours without needing the toilet, not 3 minutes and can hold it until my Levis are undone.

My pills are solifenacin (Vesicare) but there are lots of others.



And there was me thinking that I just hung on too long!blush


Definitely get seen sooner rather than later, I left it too long and my problem was much bigger. This is called 'latch key syndrome' or something like that, where by you go to open the door latch and just can't wait to wee. Tablets are good but get tested and checked throughly.

Good luck and take care.