An embaressing problem :(

Hi all Sorry about the anon but I am a little embaressed. For the last few days, I have been leaking urine. This has not happened to me before so I am not sure what to do about it. Will this go away on its own or do I see my GP, and if so, what can they do? I am female btw. Thanks in advance :((

if you have ms, this problem won’t go away on its own.

buy some tena lady, embarassing at first but you’ll feel so much better

ask gp to refer you to your nearest bladder clinic

they can offer lots of stuff to help

if you have an overactive bladder there is medication to help this

don’t suffer in silence

carole x

Hi, no need to feel embarrassed with us, as so many of us know all about this kind of problem.

But I understand it can be embarrassing for you, as it is new to you.

It can be a typical MS issue, but even so, you dont have to just accept it, as there are things to help.

Ask your GP to refer you to the Continence Service. These nurses are fab at helping us out.

luv Pollx

Well you have come to the right forum for advice - as l think we all suffer in differing degrees with incontinence. So get your GP to refer you to the lncontinence Nurses or your MS Nurse if you have one. Yes, Tena ladies - and there are lots of meds that help control bladder. Vesicaire is a good one. MS causes the bladder to spasm - which is why you are ‘wetting’. This is quite different from stress incontinence. Which usually happens when you laugh-sneeze-cough - jump up and down too much.

LDN works well to give back control of bladder as well as help with other symptoms.

Meds specific to bladder spasms-

Botox injections

Self Catheterising

Avoid caffeine - coffee/tea etc as they do irritate the bladder.

And finally, you are not on your own - the more you read about MS - on different sites - you will see that this is the most commonest of problems. Not that that helps l know - but do try not to feel embarrassed.

I can only agree with what everyone else is saying. It is embarrassing and degrading but there are so many different options out there. I was amazed at just how many of us out there with varying degrees of bladder problems, no consolation I know but we’re all here for you if you need us. Sara x

can I just add my voice to say you are not alone. Brilliant advice above so not much to add but say make sure you get your wee tested by the doctor whilst he or she is organising a referral just in case you have an infection. They are pesky little things that msers don’t always realise we have cause of our reduced sensation until they have got hold so best check. Good luck xx

Thankyou everyone for the advice. I do have MS but I never suffered with this symptom before How do you know you have an infection? Have no pain or burning or anything like that, just a need to wee the instant my body tells me to. No warning, just Go Now! And the leaking…

Oh bless, I had this a few months ago, I posted ANON, as I was so embarresed, but then answered a question and forgot to be annonomous haha, so I thought sod it! Everyone understands here.

It’s not as bad as it was, but when I need to go, I need to go. Drive my family mad, they go have a bath, say “mum do you need bathroom” I say no. Then poor things have to get out bath, soaking wet 5 mins later

High 5 for Tenna Lady, I’m not making light of this, but it’s how I deal with it, as early on this year, this **** diease nearly destroyed me emotionally.

I can’t thank this group enough, don’t ever be afraid to ask or comment on anything thats distressing you

Hope it gets easier for you xxxxx

Hi Shellie, have you thought about a second bath/shower/wet room for your use alone?

We added a small shower room upstairs, so the adapted wet room downstairs is for me. It works well.

You could enquire about a DFG from your council.

luv Pollx