I was dreading this....

Hi all, I don’t know what to do…I have just had a rather hideous experience that is really worrying me now! I had a sudden urge to go for a pee and didn’t make it to the toilet. I am 36 years old and have just bloody wet myself…thank God i was at home … should I go to the GP tomorrow? This is the first time I have had any real problems since dx in Feb…is this a relapse? So peed off now…pardon the pun! What to do? Ex

hi emya

get a referral to a continence nurse - your gp can do this or you can self refer to the bladder and bowel clinic.

it feels humiliating at first but once you’re there the nurses are fantastic.

she will do a bladder scan to see if you are retaining - this is very very common with ms.

you’ll probably do a week of recording your intake of fluids and output (peeing in a jug)

you’ll be given advice and help to cope.

i was retaining loads and then nurse was concerned that if this wasnt sorted i could develop kidney problems,

so now i self catheterise.

i have an overactive bladder (good to know one bit of me is overactive) and i’ve been given kentera patches to help with this.

don’t go worrying, its so far removed to our lives before ms but this is the new normal.

i don’t think this is a relapse but at least if you tell your gp it will get onto your medical records.

carole x


I know exactly what you mean. This happened to me for the first time when we were on holiday an I was in the bar having a meal and had no idea I needed the loo until I was wet through. So embarrassing.

Like Carole says get a referral to your continence nurse. They are really lovely. I had a scan of my bladder and I was retaining loads so I too self catheterise which is ok cause once I do it I know I am safe for a few hours.

Good luck and remember there are a lot of us in the same boat so if you need a chat just shout and one of us will be there for a chat.

Shazzie xx

Thank you both, what happens between now and the time i see continence nurse? Aare there drugs they can give me? Can’t cope with the worry of wetting myself…especially when im teaching…:0(

Hi, dont worry too much. Buy some light tena lady as it will let you cope until you see the nurse. It might be a one off caused by an infection. Scary but they can do so much to help now.

As a teacher I have to ensure I take every opportunity to visit the loo…if it is a problem thsn speak to a ta or other teacher who you can call on to cover if need be.

Good luck xx

Hi emya_1, I too have this problem sometimes, I had a bladder scan from ms nurse and wasnt at that time retaining, I just

need to go to toilet more often or i can get caught out. It usually happens at home so far …thank goodness!! I am waiting

on seeing incontinence nurse, my pelvic floor muscles no working, I to get physio for my pelvic muscles. Big pads are worn to

give me reasurance at work, wasnt told this was a relapse just that it is common in ms.I was dx in Aprill.

good luck kitty xxx

I now wear Tena pants (the adult nappy) every day because of bladder incontinence. I am now starting to have little control over my bowels, so I really feel live giving up completely. Could it get any worse? MS the illness that keeps on giving…

Hi. This is very typical of MS and ISP (my uninvited longterm visitor) to lose control of the bladder (and bowel too, I`m afraid).

Speak to a continence advisor, but in the meant time, Tena (or similar cheaper versions) will help…I know it`s not what the average 36, or 26 or even 66 year old, wants to have to cope with…and it certainly spoils the look when you feel like a bit of what you fancy!

It`s a chuff, but we just gotta deal with it, eh?



I also have this very embarrasing problem where I have had “very” near misses at work and the latest is nowhere near making it to the loo in the middle of the night!!

I have now bought incontinence briefs which as someone has said are like adult nappies. They are I might add extremely comfortable and wearing the right clothes noone will notice you have them on.

I can’t actually ever tell when I need the loo. I have no feeling down there at all. I just have to make sure I go regularly to the loo during the day.

I also at the moment have dreadful pain in my groin. Waiting for a bladder scan. Just hope it is not connected to the Tysabri infusion I am now on.

Take care

Sandra x