fed up

Over the last three weeks I’ve wet myself without realising and it’s getting me down, I think I know why this has been happening, the tremor/spasms in my left hand side has got a bit worse, but after one of the accidents I could see the muscles in my thigh twitching so I assume my baldder is going into spasm too even though I can’t feel it doing so and this is why I can’t stop myslef wetting?


I can understand this would be hugely demoralising. Please don’t suffer in silence. Ask your doctor for a referral to a continence nurse. I think you can self refer as well, if you’d rather bypass the doctor, but this might take you a few minutes with Google, as I don’t know the contact details.

It’s not an uncommon thing with MS, but please don’t just resign yourself to it, without even asking for help. There are lots of things out there that people have found success with.


Please do as Tina suggests and see a specialist. There are things that can help. Don’t be embarrassed either - it’s remarkably common in all sorts of conditions and your GP will have heard it all before. Karen x

Hey anonymous

I was quiet lucky in that my bladder problems weren’t so severe that I did pee myself - though I felt close to it on a few occasions. Definitely go and get help - having bladder problems can affect your confidence, work, social interactions etc so don’t suffer in silence.

In the mean time do things to help yourself. Stay away from caffinated drinks as this will make you pee more (I drink decaff now), try and get into the habit of making yourself go for a pee before you get any urge. I use to make myself go every hour or I’d pee before I left work with the knowledge that I’d be okay for the journey. Don’t drink an hour or so before bed as this will reduce the chances of you getting up in the night. At one point I woke up 6 times to pee and it really isn’t great for your sleep and rest. It’s still important you drink enough to keep your bladder healthy so where it’s feasible drink more (I use to drink more when I got home knowing if I was desperate to go or needed to pee every half hour the toilet was there and I could make it).

None of the advice above by itself will fix things. I would still definitely get some professional help. Please don’t be embarassed - it really is a serious issue that a lot of people suffer with.