Bladder problems?

When I go to toilet I rarely manage a lot out. I feel like I am going to wet myself somedays and all you get is 150mls.I did start a fluid chart to get an idea how much I was actually passing.The most was 250mls

I can be up to toilet up to 5 times during the night which makes you tired next day which in turn make my MS play up- if I get that tired I get the shakes and flu like symptoms.During day its obviously easier as can get to a toilet but you do plan ahead and work out where your toilets are!!

I also get problems with fluid retention (is this linked?) but am unsure what to do. Have seen dr who tbh was a much good as the proverbial chocolate watch. Told me it was fluid retention didn’t offer diuretic in fact wasn’t keen when I asked about them and I am unsure if would help or make it worse as in would be running to toilet 10 times with liitle pees rather than the 5 times lol.

I am overweight so agree that that doesn’t help.

Drs just seem to fob you off and understand they may not be able to do anything it the 'oh its fluid retention Bye ’ that irritates

Has anyone else had this and what did they do to sort/manage it?

I’ve had nocturia (fancy word for bladder deciding to wake up at night) for about a year). Drinking most of my fluids before 1pm then tapering off til 6-7pm has helped.

hi, that GP cetainly is as much use as a chocolate watch/teapot/fireguard!

You probably would benefit with a chat to the continence service nurses. Now if you need a referral from your GP, I realise this is going to be a tad awkward for you. If so, then try your MS nurse, yeh?

I had a supra pubic catheter fitted in July and although there are initial settling in problems, it has made a huge benefit to my life and those who care for me.

Before I had it put in, I was dashing for the loo every hour in the day and 3 times during the night. As my mobility is shot, getting onto the commode from a wheelchair was a night mare. Then in my hoist, I was flowing like Niagara sometimes. There were always puddles to mop up!

Plus I had infections for 6 months and chronic retention. After the op, I was told my bladder was chronically inflamed. So I did need a clean out!

I am also a heavy lady (around 14-15 st) and thought I wouldnt manage, but I do.

So, please have heart…there will be something to make your life better.

luv Pollx

My bladder was chronically inflamed, years before the parathesia that led to neuro referral!

Will try a tripto gp or MS nurse and see if can get referred.

Do wonder if inflamed as does have that urgent cystitis sort of feel but no pain on passing just a sense of relief lol!

hi gladys

the continence nurse will help you loads.

i self catheterise each morning and i’m amazed how much comes out even if i’ve already had a normal pee.

good luck

carole x

Hi to all,

I simpathise with all the above next friday i am going to hosp for a trail for interstim therapy, for overactive bladder i also have underactive bladder and catheterise everyday and 4-8 times at night with urgency and frequency so i really hope next friday iam going to see a decrease in the above will have wires in my back wear a belt and have a small monitor attatched that will help to see if the above will help my oab if it does after the trail i am having the device in my back and a remote control for my bladder so i dont get the urgency and frequency so i cannot wait while next week.

I will keep you all updated with my progress so here s to next friday hurry up cant wait for my symptoms to be altered by the above.


Hi late reply as I’ve been lying low for a while. Continence nurses are usually great - they’ve heard it all before!!! ISC changed my life and put me in control of my bladder. NOW REALLY IMPORTANT AND USEFUL BELOW: Nocturia - or getting up to wee during the night was a major problem for me. Like you 4-5 times broken sleep and grumpy days. Until I started my magic bladder tablet called desmopressin. Then I started to consistently sleep through - full nights sleep - bliss. Desmopressin is actually mentioned in the NICE - Drs law!!! guidelines for MS. Therefore if you show this to your GP should be able to prescribe??? Don’t really know on this one could be making it up but it makes sense to me!!! Hope this helps Min xx

Hi to all, Thankyou for the info about desmopressin i am going to ask doc for a perscriptition to tide me over 3 weeks before i have interstim i would much rather have a permenant solution to my problem than tabs but each to their own i say so its up to the undividual them selves i have this for nearly 6 years n i am not prepared to have this any longer so three weeks hurry up. Hope you all feel better soon which ever way you decide to go with your problem. Dolphin 500