Irritable bladder advice.


I have Been having some major issues with nocturia (Night time urination) caused by my MS. The big issue is that it is nigh impossible to sleep when your bladder is screaming at you that your busting for a P and it is all the more infuriating when you were at the toilet five mins ago and it was not even a bloody drip then so you know for a fact there is nothing now either.

I have tried drinking more full stop as I am a bugger for dehydrating myself and had been advised this could be the cause. Let’s just say that did not work and move on. So I have tried limiting fluid intake in the evenings also very unsuccessful, things have now got so bad that my sleepers (zopiclon 7.5mg) are not even enough for me to blank it anymore to get me to sleep and I have ended up crying, rocking and on one occasion punching myself in the head due to lack of sleep (8 days awake) and it is all because of my sodding bladder and it’s inability to quit.

My GP is next to usless and has run out of ideas how I can control it short of catheterization (won’t work at present) and I really can not keep living this way, i am far from nice when I am excessively tiered and as much as my Mrs understands and is fantastic about things it’s not fair that I take it out on her despite trying desperately not to.

This is really begining to beat me down now and I was wondering, no hopeing if any one has any ideas no matter how hair brained they seem on other things I can try stop the ridiculous farce my bladder is insisting on putting me through on a Nightly basis.

Thanks James (previously jms86)

Highland James it’s not nice are you doing to much under some stress that s when mine plays up thr continence nurse asked me to measure how much how often as when was intresting but was going every 10 minutes at one point .

So a visit to the continence nurse might be a start .your gp will offer somthing the tablets mine gave me helped in the

Beginning one tablet had me unable to pee the other had me peeing constantly

However if I watch carefully what I am doing avoid over doing things and stop and rest avoid stress and keep calm I am fine

Easyer said than done the more anoid you get with your situation the worse it will be .

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Hello James,

Give a urine sample to your GP and make sure you do not have an infection - UTI. You will need antibiotics for that.

Bladder control medication:

Tablets 3 x per day Detrusitol (tolterodine)

Desmopressin spray for use at night only

Ask your GP to refer you to a nurse a Continence Advisor who will ask you to keep a diary for a week on how often you pee

and do a scan of your bladder - they will advise you about all options and can prescribe pads which will be delivered to your

home every 6 months free if needed.

It can be managed.


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Hi James

frequent urination is a big problem for me and night time is at its worst. Usually a thimble full is all I could manage despite bursting to go. 10 minutes later I go through it all again. Now that is taking the P.

Doctor tried me on Vesicare 5mg (one a day). That took away the urgency but not the frequency. He then upped it to 10mg. That seemed to work better but the downside was I got constipated ffs.

Now Ive stopped the medication completely and the original symptoms are returning. Dont know what to do next.

One thing I will add is that it makes no difference drinking less fluids. If anything it makes things worse. So I drink plenty of bottled water and find that will do me more good in other ways.

Thank you for your advice. I do already have a doctor’s appointment booked to discuss the continence nurse referral. But I was unaware of medication being a thing for this problem. The thought that maybe there are things that can be done is making me feel a little better despite being exhausted all the time

Have you not yet tried the Continence Service?

It would be wise to do so I feel.

Mine helped me as much as they could.

But due to urgency, frequent emptying and severe retention, the only answer for me was to have a urethral catheter. I hated it as it was so uncomfortable. Then I went for a supra pubic catheter, which although it`s not 100% better, it is a helluva lot better than the first one.

Forgive me if I am wrong, is it possible to men to use a catheter type bag that isnt invasive to the body? Might this be a solution to the nocturnal problems?


Hi James

just wanted to mention you don’t have to wait for a referral from your GP to see a continence nurse, you can self-refer.

You can find your nearest service via Google or NHS website, or your GP’s surgery etc. Our local hospital has an area just off the A & E waiting room which is more or less a ‘walk-in’ centre.

I agree with the others saying don’t cut down your daily liquid consumption - it can lead to all sorts of problems. I saw the continence nurse late last year who said I needed to drink more - I tried it and it has worked, I hardly ever wake in the night now for a pee, and sleep around 5/6 hours every night. I just ensure I go as often as I can in the evening and always immediately before bed.

I was also prescribed Vesicare but said I didn’t want to take it and would manage without, but it’s there in case I change my mind.


I have bladder issues for years now. More or less been on everything. I also used to get hideous constipation and I didn’t twig until about 18 months when the continence nurse suggested that I stop the bladder medication for 6 weeks or so, so that she could assess the bladder performance with and without the meds. When I stopped the bladder tablets, I think it was solfenacin, all of a sudden the constipation cleared up.

I wouldn’t go back solfenacin and moved on to mirabegron and oxybutylin and haven’t been bothered with constipation for over a year now.


Just a thought you fellas out there…

Don’t put everything down to ms. Get your prostate checked out!!