Bladder problems

Hi my name is Wendy and have just joined. I care for my brother was has had MS now for 17 years. It’s been a slow process up until a few years ago then one thing after another. At the moment his bladder giving him distress. Needing to pee and nothing coming out. Going to the toilet ever 30 mins or so. The doc said the tablets he was going to give him was with bad side effects. Thinking now about getting a catheter put in but he’s a bit reluctant. Also does anyone suffer from restless leg? He’s up half the night with that too. Such a shame for him.

I take Vesicare 10mg from the doctors. That is for the bladder. It has removed the urgency but I still have to go too often although not so much at night time when sleeping… What does help is actually drinking a lot more water. I drink bottled water. You would think it would make the situation worse but it does`nt. I look more human now rather than a Panda with black around the eyes.

As for the RLS which I suffered from and kept me awake at night. I got some Magnesium supplements from Holland and Barrett. You take one a day. They`re working and I am managing to sleep right through now. I also experimented with some Magnesium lotion rubbed directly into my legs. I think it helps but not 100% sure.

The bottom line is I am sleeping rather than being a vampire. I still struggle to sleep some nights but overall it`s working.


i didn’t get on with vesicare.

i asked my bladder nurse for betmiga which is excellent.

it isnt perfect but nothing is.

i do however manage with tena lady, betmiga and self catheterisation.

does your brother see a continence/bladder nurse?

you can self refer to the bowel and bladder clinic, google your nearest one and give them a ring.

also if he’s constipated that makes it difficult to empty your bladder, so tell him to watch that.

carole x.

My wife gets restless leg sometimes, I joke to her saying she is doing her elvis impersonation which puts a smile on her face. For her m.s. she has a nomad pack delivered but I am not sure if vesicare as one of her pills but I will definitely try the magnesium and see if that helps her with her sleep because she is troubled with sleep.

My wife also has problems with constipation. Sometimes she can go days without going to the toilet. She has mivocol which sometimes works.