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This is my very first post - I’m nervous like my very first day at school. will I make friends will i be accepted? Like many i have been reading advice from all you wonderful people since my diagnosis 28th September 2010. Sharing in your symtoms and realising that I am not alone. The best advice I acted on was taking magnesium daily. This totally stopped my stiff legs in the evening. I would like to share with you my magic bladder tablet. It’s legit - prescribable on the NHS. I just say it’s magic as it has stopped me getting up at night. I now sleep through it’s wonderful. Called Desmopressin originally used to stop bed wetting. No major side effects but i think your GP would need to monitor your blood pressure and blood sodium. I’m not suggesting it would work for everyone but if it can help a few like myself then the anxiety of my very first posting would be worth it.

Min xx

Hi Min Of course you will be accepted, everyone is welcome on here. I’m glad you’ve found a really effective drug for your bladder problems. It’s great when something works well like that as it so improves your quality of life. Just wanted to welcome you and let you know that there is always someone here to listen. Take care, Teresa xx

Hello and welcome Min,

You will get loads of support from this site from lots of wonderful people. I don’t get your problem of sleeping so cannot pass any comment, but am sure you will be glad you have joined.

Janet x

Hi there Min,

l am another who keeps telling folk how important and effective is magnesium. lt use to be sold as Fynnon salts-Epsom salts. lt does help with painful legs/joints - and is also a laxative. l recently got some for my elderly neighbour - she was saying how she use to take Fynnons - but they seem to have gone out of production. Holland and Barrett had a good deal recently. You need to take about 400g. The med for bladder control l had not heard from - but will certainly look it up as l have another friend who finds she is getting out of bed several times in the night to pee. She did try Oxybutinin - and as any one has tried this - they make you feel so grotty.

Good to read your first post - and welcome to the gang!!!


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Hullo Min,

Sorry to hear that you have MS (so do I - for at least 13 years - I’m 55 and married with an 8 yr. old child). My advice would be to get a ‘good’ doctor. I wear a ‘catheter’ and ‘thanks for your advice’. My Doctor has two ‘relatives’ with MS and he is aware that he might ‘adopt’ it himself. He was very honest when he told me that MS is ‘almost impossible to ‘individually’ understand and that makes it very difficult to tell anybody else what MS is like?’ For instance ‘of the many remedies that you may be offered - I’ve found pesonally that RELAXATION’ can be quite good and free! But I may be ‘misguided?’ - I don’t know (you decide yourself).

Marcus. (live in Fife, Scotland)

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Hi Min

Welcome, welcome. It’s great to have someone offer something that WORKS!
I take vesicare which works great during the day but less so at night. I have getting out of bed down to a fine art but it would be wonderful to sleep through.

Please don’t feel that this forum is quid pro quo – you can post with a question or a worry without offering anything.


Ah love, no need to worry about making friends and being accepted here…we are all in this same rocky boat together.

I`m so glad that reading posts/replies has given you help with the legs. And you advice about the bladder tablet is bound to help others. i take oxybutynin and sleep varies according to bladder needs.

I hope you continue to talk to us and we can help each other.

luv POllx

Min and welcome! Great to see you on here,

Pat x

Hi Min,

Welcome - the crowd on this forum are all very nice - especially if you bring us biscuits! There seem to be quite a few new starters so you’re not alone.

I didn’t know about magnesium - so thanks for mentioning that - I take baclofen but mg might help too. On my shopping list already. I take vesicare for bladder - problem is all these drugs make me thirsty so I drink lots of water which makes me go to the loo… viscious circle.

Anyway, welcome and glad you’ve plucked up courage to post. Will let people know how the magnesium does.

Jen xx