desmopressin help needed

Hi All

I started desmopressin last night for my bladder problems at nightime and was pleased to wake this am having not had an accident or needing to use the loo. The problem is that I still haven’t passed any urine or been able to cathertarise any and it is now 11am.I feel generally out of sorts and have a headache and swollen fingers. I want to go out today but i’m worried about having a rush for a loo. Should I have a large drink of water and see if that helps or watch what liquid I consume? I’m worried about taking another tablet tonight. If it was a weekday I could contact my ms nurse or gp but I’m hoping for some advise on here.

Thanks mary

Certainly keep drinking water - then relax as much as possible and try again to self-catheterise - if no luck -waste no time and go to A&E as it is so important not to retain urine. But keep calm -


I there Mary,

I was on this med for a while, desmotabs it’s also known as.

I found it worked really well for me, but you need now to drink and get your bladder working again, as you sound like you are retaining fluid.

Julie X

Thanks for the help. I passed a small amount but I have abdominal pain so will go to a&e.


Hi, when I had an in dwelling catheter, I was given an emergency number for the district nurses. Were you? So how did it go at A&E? I was also told not to go A&E, but to go to the Urology ward when away from home.

i do hope things have improved for you now.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

Still feeling very uncomfortable. Not been to a & e yet, but still havent had a wee. I’ll leave it for now but if i dont go before bed time i wont take another tablet and will go and seek some help.

Thanks for your reply


What about ringing NHS direct?

luv Pollx

HI poll

Good idea, havn’t had much luck with them in the past but worth a try.


l had to rush my OH in to A&E several times prior to him having an op on his prostate. He got so he could not pass water - one time they were able to drain 4litres off him!!! He had been in the pub all evening -

A&E is no joke on a Saturday evening - so l would urge you to go now before all the undesirables get there!

Thanks for all your replies. I have just managed to catherterise a small amount of urine but nothing in relation to what I have consumed. I’ll try again in half an hour.