'slow' bladder?

I’m not even sure if that’s an actual term? all i can find about bladder problems in ms seems to relate to incontinence, and i seem to be having the opposite problem. i feel the need to go ( although it doesnt feel particularly urgent ) then i sit for quite a few seconds before anything happens, then get a very slow stream which i kinda have to ‘push’ to help empty my bladder. does this sound really abnormal? its not a huge problem at the moment and not bothering me that much (compared to the leg pain I’m having). should i see the gp again though? kx

I get exactly the same thing. I saw a continence nurse who arranged for me to have a bladder scan, to check if I was retaining any urine-I wasn’t. I think it would be worth getting checked out, ask your nurse/gp for a referral, incase something can be done to help. The nurse told me to try tapping on my tummy (never push the tummy as it can make it worse) and whistling as ways of helping the flow. Have to say the whistling one works well for me! Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Well, “slow” wasn’t a bad guess, as I think you’re describing urinary hesitancy. You can sense you want to go, and you CAN go, but it’s not as automatic as it should be, and you can feel you’re having to try.

I get this. Not seriously, fortunately. I just find it takes a little more time to get started, and I need to be patient.

It can sometimes be associated with urinary retention (not emptying fully), but not necessarily. I haven’t bothered seeing the GP, as whilst I know it’s not normal, lots of things aren’t normal, since I developed MS. It’s not causing me a particular problem, at the moment, and I don’t think I’m retaining, as I haven’t had a spate of water infections or anything like that.

I did tell the neuro, and it’s in the notes, but nobody has suggested I take it further at the moment - and I probably wouldn’t anyway, unless it was causing a lot more problems, and/or I had no idea what’s causing it. As it is, I’m quite sure it’s just another delightful MS quirk, but not one I’m too worried about…yet.

I do pay attention that it’s happening, and for signs it might be getting any worse. But mostly I just remind myself there’s no strict need to pee in a hurry, and taking my time is OK.


hi, i also have this problem, it’s irritating, i know. i saw a continence nurse to have a scan and i wasn’tretaining, so because i was for ever wanting to go to the loo she told me to steadily increase the time from wanting to pee to when i did pee, which i did, not excessively of course, but back up to more usual sort of lenths of time. i find that when it’s difficult to pee, that slowly rocking back and forth while sitting on the loo and really relaxing before actually trying to pee helps me a lot. hope you find a solution soon.



Yes. I can get this. Being a fella it’s when I’m standing. I have noticed since trying a medication called Gabapentine and also Pregabalin, it makes it worse for me. Are you on any meds? Was it worse before or after?

Still it is part of good old MS. I have been investigating all this for a year, through continence nurses, consultants, etc. I have tried ISC but this procedure was giving me constant infections. I have retained urine anything from 100ml to 280ml. You cannot even tell you are retaining without a bladder scan. May be all us MS people should get checked out for retention? In fact the surgeon/consultant said a few months ago this was the one of most common factors of death in MS people, kidney failure I suppose. Hmmmm.

Get it checked out and pre-empty any problems - no pun intended but funny though!

Take care


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Hi, I also get this but mainly at times when I have bad constipation. I’ve taken to reading a daft ‘pointless facts book’ when sitting on the loo waiting and also run the tap slowly. My theory is that I might as well try to relax everything as much as possible, whilst also building my knowledge of useless information :slight_smile: L xx


Amazing timing! I was just about to ring the docs for an appointment about this very thing, exactly as you describe. I’ve had it for a few years. Had everything checked, bladder, prostate etc. Everything fine. Was told ‘just to try and relax’. Then I was diagnosed with MS and I put it down to that. Recently however it’s become more and more of a problem. I’m up 3 or 4 times a night with what feels like a bursting full bladder and then I stand there for about 4 or 5 minutes before managing a very small amount (which is a struggle). I’m on gabapentin, baclofen and Gilenya. None of these have bladder problems listed as a side effect. I’m going to see my GP and see if there’s anything they can do.


I get this too. It is worse if I am constipated and it is definitely worse if the toilets at work are very busy. My bladder seems a little shy and the slightest noise can ‘put me off’ ha ha! I have to relax and sometimes think about the mechanics of opening my bladder. If I can imagine it opening, that sometimes helps, I haven’t a clue why.

Sometimes running a tap will help but that’s no use in a cubicle at work. Leaving longer between toilet breaks doesn’t always help with that either because even if I’m busting if there are people having a full on conversation right outside my door (why?) then I just can’t go!!

It’s not a huge problem for me either as I haven’t had an UTIs ever. I make sure I drink plenty and if it’s happening more often then I will drink some cranberry juice to pre-empt any problems. The thing that made the most difference for me with regard to retaining was caffeine. In the early days I found I would sometimes only get as far as washing my hands and feel the urge to wee again. My nurse said this was definitely retention and suggested switching to decaf everything. I did and it has made a huge difference to urgency, hesitation, retention and nocturnal weeing. I can make it through the night now which is wonderful.

Tracey xx

I get hesitancy so basically I’ve learnt to be reeeeaaaaaally patient! Quite often it seems like I’ve finished but I’ll just hold on and try to relax til I pee some more.

For fear of retention, about 5/6 times a week I take a cranberry supplement or D-mannose just to try to avoid infections (seems to have worked ok over the last 6 months).

Not exactly scientic but I just try to be aware of it, and for example, if I drink a couple of cups of coffee then I will glug back a glass of water, even if I’m not thirsty, just to try and balance things out a bit!

Sonia x

thank you so much everyone! glad to know I’m not alone! it’s so good to get advice on here, as it’s just not the sort of thing to chat to your mates about, well, I could, but they wouldn’t really be able to help. It’s not too much of a problem for me, yet anyway, so I’ll definitely try cutting down on caffiene, because I have been having a lot lately (partly due to the drowsines from the amitriptyline). i’ve never had a UTI but i’ll certainly get the cranberry juice in, and drink plenty of water. thanks again everyone, you’ve been most helpful and kind! xxx


May be all us MS people should get checked out for retention? In fact the surgeon/consultant said a few months ago this was the one of most common factors of death in MS people, kidney failure I suppose. Hmmmm.

Take care


[/quote] methinks consultant is talking a load of ‘bo**ocks!’