Feel like moving into the toilet!!!

Hi all Although I was diagnosed in March this year. I have been suffering with bladders issues for years, never with any reasons why " just one of those things". Being sore and never having any infection and wanting to go 2/3 an hour!! Any way, I am seeing a neurologist in a couple of weeks and i have decided enough is enough, I need help! My question is to anyone using medication for the above issues, what are you taking, does it work and are there any side effects? I would like to go prepared for my appointment. Thanks in advance x Britvic

hi britvic

there are meds for it but i don’t know what they are called.

ask you gp to refer you to the bladder & bowel clinic. you’ll be seen by a continence nurse.

i’ve seen 2 of these nurses and they are lovely. they make you feel at ease and not embarassed.

there was a speaker at ms life talking about meds for bladder. one in particular which she said was frequently prescribed - she “wouldn’t give it to her cat!”

i didnt have a pen and notepad or i’d have written it all down.

botox sounds good. have you read the article by amy winehouse’s mum (Janice)? it has been in the ms society magasine.

i’m seriously considering it if my bladder gets any worse.

it rules my life!

good luck and if you find a good med please share

carole x

Hi Britvic I find that solifenacin works very well for urgency. Hth, Teresa xx

LDN works well to give you back control of your bladder - well worth trying before going down the line of the meds - which all have ghastly side-effects. Any of the oxybutinin types make you feel like cr8p. l did tell the urologist l was seeing that he should try it himself before subjecting his patients to it.


Thanks for your responses, I will have a search about all the information you have given me. Any different information that I get from the neuro I will pass on x x Many thanks x x

oh and HBOT works a treat too.

I was perscribed Movicol for my bowels which the neuro said should then help with the bladder as they are linked. good luck it is an awful side affect of MS


last week my brother brought me a pressie-a new toilet seat worth £100! I had mentioned i spent alot of time there! he is one out the family thats most upset re my diagnosis as he cant fix it but he is also the most practical!

ellie x



last week my brother brought me a pressie-a new toilet seat worth £100! I had mentioned i spent alot of time there! he is one out the family thats most upset re my diagnosis as he cant fix it but he is also the most practical!

ellie x

[/quote] Hi Ellie What a lovely, thoughtful brother, useful presents usually have had a lot of time put into the choosing of them! I think I ought to get a telly and a kettle put into my bathroom as I spend so much time there lol. Teresa xx PS my sister brought me flowers and chocolate yesterday. These siblings are really worth having!

Hi Thank you for the new replies and the extra information. Before the diagnosis of ms, I have had the entrance to my bladder widened twice, in the hope that this would help the frequency and urge to go… It never worked at least with having ms, it makes a lot more sense now and I don’t feel like I am going mad, or have a toilet fetish x x Its nice to know that there are such lovely people out there willing help and offer advice…and more importantly, not being alone x x Many thanks again Vicki :slight_smile:

hi theresa

not something that i would have thought of but he works in building trade and got the perfect thing. hes 50 miles away and drove to me after work one night-making that days total travelling about 150 ish miles-the effort and the thought made me speechless-thats rare! lol

take care x

ps any chocs left?! lol

Ha Too hot to eat choc tonight. You’ve got a great bro’ make sure you hang on to him. Teresa xx

Hi B, I take 20mg of oxybutynin a day to calm my bladder. They do help, but I still have odd accendents. I use NHS pads and feel confident that they catch most of the urine when I can`t get onto the loo in time. I drink lots of water to keep my bladder flushed. I get utis now and then. I did try an in-dwelling catheter, but had problems, so gave up with it.

I was offered a supra pubic catheter, but decided against it. But there are several folk here (campion) who have had a spc for years and love it.

Good luck with the appointment.

luv POllx

Hi Frances, I am interested to know how the oxybutynin made you feel bad. I`m on them and think they are great.

luv Pollx

A loo seat costing £100? Didnt know they can cost that much. Whats it like then?

luv Pollx

hi poll

neither did i! its just a very sturdy well built seat. i guess its for commercial use-i didnt ask questions!

ellie x

Thank you again x x Your all stars *****