Numb bladder?? x

Morning All x

Anyone elsa not feel their bladder in the night or when you wake in the morning? I used to wake every morning & run to the loo!

For the last month or so I wake in the night and in the morning - with a full bladder - but no feeling whatsoever!!!

It's just numb!!

I start to feel it again as the day wears on - it's just so odd why I'm not feelng it at all in the night or the morning!!


PS I posted before on bladder incontinence - anonomously as I was embarrassed!!!!!blush I've got over it!!! lol

Before this I was having really bad urge incontinence - suddenly screaming bladder pain & not getting to the loo on time x Karen & a few of you suggested ways to manage it ie going every hour whether your bladder tells you or not - this has really helped !

But now there is this numbness and I'm worried about it getting worse! Now I've at least seen the neuro & endo I'm going to ask my GP for a referral to the continence advisor (whoever they are!) 


Morning Jen,

Not being able to feel you're "full" is a really common MS sysmptom, although why it should be only overnight in your case, I don't know.

A lot of symptoms are worse overnight.  I assume it's similar to my fingers, which are only numb overnight, and on first waking.

They are sometimes numb enough to disturb my sleep (although not painful, it's uncomfortable and annoying).  Yet within a few minutes of being up and about, there's no trace of it having happened!

It's almost as if I dream they're numb.



Yes - it's so odd!

I know the muscle spasms & twitches etc seem much worse in the night! My poor hubby tells me I squeal & kick out a lot!

Strangely enough when I get up in the night this is the only time I suffer with balance issues  too - crashing into doors, bed, walls, off the loo etc. My balance in the day is not perfect but it's not a big symptom for me

Stiffness is horrendous first thing in the morning too - then when I get up & about it eases to a certain extent - then it worsens again in the afternoon or when I try & do something.

Oh wot an odd bod I have lol xxxxxjenxxx

Do you navigate your way to the toilet in darkness when you get up at night; this could be one reason why your balance is worse, because vision is one of three sources of feedback that help with balance. If the other two arent working well, vision becomes much more important to keeping balance. If they are working well then vision is not needed to balance. I wonder if the bladder numbness depends on sleeping position if it is resulting from pressure on a nerve.