Bladder retention - any tips!

Hi folks

I’m having a pretty rubbish morning!

I occasionally suffer from bladder retention at night time when I’m tired and I usually then end up getting up in the middle of the night. This happened last night and I was then up at 2 this morning. I don’t find that too difficult to deal with though.

But, so far today I haven’t been able to ‘go’ and I’m getting a bit uncomfortable :frowning:

This had coincided with a bit of a clear out after been constipated for a few days so it’s as if my brain can only cope with one thing at a time! It used to be one thing lead to another if you know what I mean but not anymore :slight_smile:

I’ve tried running water which hasn’t helped, does anybody have any tips that they use?

Also…how long do you leave it before asking for help?


Hi there

I’ve been suffering some of the same things - I’ve been going too much tho! I left it over the weekend and got an appointment today with my GP. She’s given me a few tablets to help it. She seemed to think it was a gastro something or other infection rather than the MS tho…Worth checking for other causes sometimes.

Take care. Kx

Oh the relief :lol:

A couple of extra glasses of juice and off I went! Tips would still be appreciated though in case this happens again!

Thanks for your reply K it’s no fun is it.