Better...for now?

Well the numbness and tingling/pins and needles has definitely gone.

No sign of it.

Not much of anything hanging around, just if I have to stand still, at first I’m fine but when I get tired, I lose balance and need to hold on to a chair in front or something and legs feel unstable.

Bladder has good days and mild bad days but not as bad as when it kicked in.

So, I’m either better, or maybe symptoms will return again.

Everything I’ve had over the last year flares up, lasts for a couple of weeks and then settles down.

Have a referral to Urologist, maybe when that comes through something will show, but don’t know how useful it will be if I’m ‘better’?

Last time I saw consultant I was feeling fine and told him so, and then a couple of weeks later I was really bad. It’s very frustrating.

So, I guess I’ll just enjoy it.

I had wanted them to get on with figuring out what was wrong, so that if it was MS, I could start treatment asap to slow it down, but think I’ve given up on that. Think I’ll just ignore it, and presume that if it is MS, eventually it will present it in some way that a Dr can measure or see.

Likely be gone for a while… thanks all xx

I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling good :slight_smile: I hope it all gets sorted one way or another. You might be one of the luckier ones who has a one off? If it comes back, we are here Hun. Xx Don’t give up on getting it sorted if it does make a comeback. I know it’s a struggle…corr, do I! Best of luck xx