MRI this week and new symptoms

I have my MRI on Wednesday, things seem to be going downhill rapidly. In the last week I seem to have lost control of my bladder, not in a cough - oops sort of way but thinking I need to pee just seems to make it happen and I have no control. It has reduced me to tears and I’ve tried to be strong. I’ve no idea how I’ll get through the 40 minute drive there and back. Just no morning coffee :\ Then what appears to be unrelated symptoms pop up to make life more difficult. My achilles tendons have swollen so I can’t wear shoes - I look like I have half a golf ball stuck to my heels. And my right eye is acting oddly, it’s sore and sensitive, I got water in it today having a shower and it reacted as if it was acid!! I’m trying to be positive but how you all cope I don’t know, maybe they won’t find what they’re looking for, not MS.

Hello LittleOwl, I’m so sorry to hear of the symptoms you are experiencing and hope these ease up soon for you. If it is MS symptoms fluctuate and there are periods of time where things ease to such an extent that you question the diagnosis. You need answers and this is always a difficult time, but you do need to remain strong and know that we are here to help you through when we can.

All I can offer you at the moment is the knowledge of symptoms getting easier at times, and the hope you get answers soon.

:kissing_heart: Mx