Urgent MRI

I posted a couple of weeks ago about symptoms I was having and being diagnosed with epilepsy after a query seizure, although I haven’t seen the neuro since getting this diagnosis in august via letter. This diagnosis just didn’t seem right to me so I have been back to my GP this morning with a list of my symptoms. I broke down whilst I was there because I just feel like i’m trapped inside a useless body. I used to be the life and soul of the party and now I can barely make it through each day due to extreme fatigue. The GP has said to me this morning my list of symptoms definitely does not sound like epilepsy to her. She asked me what I thought it was, so I asked her what she thought, she said MS. Although i’ve been worried that’s what it could be it’s a bit of a shock to hear that’s what she thinks it could be too. She has referred me for an urgent MRI of head and spine and is writing to my neurologist. She has also prescribed a hormone tablet to take 3 times a day to try and boost my energy. Sorry for the long useless post but just felt like I could get it off my chest a bit xx

Hi Superbecks

I posted a thread with the exact same name yesterday. I won’t repeat it all, but due to a recent episode of Optic Neuritis I was referred on Weds for an urgent MRI as the Ophthalmologist suspects MS. Although I haven’t received the appointment yet. Like you, I’ve been thinking of possible MS, but it was surreal to hear someone else (someone professional!) who suspects the same.

I know it’s a shock and the urgency makes it feel even more worrying. The only thing I can say is that it’s very good to be seen quickly. Some people have talked on here about waiting for a very long time for an MRI, so I think we should be very grateful for the speedy investigation (Not that I’m suggesting you are not!).

It sounds as though you have a very good and understanding GP so you are in very good hands there. I’m sorry there isn’t much more I can say to make you feel any better. I hope you get seen quickly and the results are as good as possible.

Sending you ((hugs)) xx

Thank you for your reply. Hope everything turns out ok for you. I wish it had been a speedy process but it’s been over 2 years now from the first symptom. We have a new GP at our surgery though and she is fantastic. It’s been a long process but I finally feel like i’m getting somewhere now. She referred me to neuro and cardio a few months back as I have been collapsing for the past 2 years and one of our doctors at work felt the last time was a seizure. I know this isn’t typical of MS though but all of my other symptoms are. The neuro was investigating for epilepsy and then once I had this seizure at work and taken to A and E that was the diagnosis i was given. I had a recent hospitilisation with blurred visiona and floaters a month or so ago that lasted 3 days, i went to see my GP and she sent me to A n E and was admitted. However the respiratory consultant discharged me saying it was migraine, even though I have suffered with them for years and was nothing like this. This was like an aura to a migraine but the headache never came. I have just been plodding along since then but feel like I can’t take any more now so went back to GP this morning, took a long list of symptoms and she’s acting on it now. I did have a low B12 when the investigations initially started but that’s been rectified with injections now as the symptoms worsen. I’ve to ring on monday to see when my appointment is for MRI. I’m mad at myself as neuro wanted me to have an MRI and i requested CT as i’m claustrophobic. I have been prescribed 2 diazapam though to help with this.

I hope you get your appointment through soon and everything turns out as good as it can. I am at a point now where I feel I don’t care what it is, I just want to know so I can begin to be treated and get on with it.