Painful rib spasms - help!

I keep getting painful spasms on one side of my ribs. I’d normally assume I’ve pulled something (easily done, I’m a mum!) However, this pain isn’t hanging around and easing off gradually as a sprain normally does, but coming on suddenly, lasting for only a few seconds or up to the best part of an hour and making it very difficult to breathe. I’ll be mentioning this to my Neurologist next week, alongside my list (first visit). In the meantime, has anyone else experienced this and do you have any coping strategies? (aside from alcohol…though that did seem to work :wink:

Hello Reiki. I’m sure you realise that this is probably muscular spasms that your getting…do you have trouble sleeping at night? tiredness can bring on this problem. See what your neuro says next week, I could be wrong…its been known lol I’ve not had this myself and I hope I never do. I’m not sure what you could do to help it…what about trying some meditation to music. Take care Noreen xxx

Hi Noreen, thanks for your reply. Though it takes me a little while to get to sleep (and to wake up!) that’s normal for me. I sleep over 8 hours a night easily if family life allows! My GP thinks I may have ME/CFS as fatigue is one of my major symptoms. I’m looking forward to seeing what the neuro’s opinion will be. I do give myself Reiki (holistic energy therapy) snd it does help, gradually, but I wonder if there is anything else I can do. Having my breathing restricted does make me a little panicky. Also, it has hit me whilst I’ve been walking down the street but you’re right about meditation. I could focus on positive, relaxing self-talk, I suppose.

Could it be the hug? Just a smaller version. I get this too.

Mrs Chicca - I’m not diagnosed yet but I did wonder…I’ve had the belt-like sensation that some describe as well, a while ago, and it was so uncomfortable I thought it was bad constipation.Felt like wearing a tight belt too high up but I couldn’t take it off!! My GP sent me for an ultrasound but they couldn’t find anything and my bowel was clear, so it must have been muscular. I’m getting a phantom version of it again at the moment and some discomfort.

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