Morning rib pain

Hi so I haven’t been on the boards for a while, my symptoms actually all seemed to slowly fade away and I felt great for the first time in months! This was back in March. Had a wonderful few weeks before my legs started feeling weak and stiff again, and the electric shocks returned.

My newest thing I really don’t know what to make of. About 4/5 weeks ago I was woken up with incredibly painful ribs just on the right side but I felt like I’d been beaten up! Since then it’s become a daily occurrence. It wakes me early every day but within half an hour of getting up the pain goes. Until today when I just can’t shake it. I haven’t been to see my gp as I’m a little sceptical of getting any help to be honest. I don’t know if this is something completely separate or if it’s all connected.

All previous MRIs were clear as was my recent NCS/EMG. Am seeing the neuro again end of next month. Been changed to a new one this time who specialises in MS so hopefully he’ll have an answer.

Not sure whether to see gp for the rib pain or wait until the neuro appointment?

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hi BeGrBe

that may be the MS hug which is caused by the little muscles between the ribs (intercostal muscles) going into spasm.

do get it checked out though because it could have other causes.

not much in the way of treatments other than relaxant meds (diazepam, baclofen - but be careful because they can make you drowsy).

tell your neuro or ms nurse, or your gp to make sure it isn’t anything more sinister.

my GP had never heard of the ms hug.

he said he would do some reading up about it.

then at 7.30 am he rang me to say that he’d booked me in at the hospital for 9.00 because he was worried about me and couldn’t sleep.

the hospital gave me a full MOT (chest xray, heart check, liver and so on). i passed my MOT.

hope that helped

carole x

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Hi Carole thank you for your reply. Just to clarify I don’t have a diagnosis. It will be a year next month since I first saw my gp and got a neuro referral and am still waiting for answers.

If it were the ‘hug’ is it possible that it would only happen at the same time each day?

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hi again

it won’t necessarily come back every day.

i had my first hug a couple of months after my diagnosis.

we were going to the pub (me, hubby and my sister) when i suddenly clutched my chest and starting breathing strangely.

they though i was having a heart attack and were about to call an ambulance.

i couldn’t speak because i didnt want my ribs to move so gesticulated them to calm down and give me a minute.

luckily after 5 minutes it eased off and half an hour later we were on our way to the pub!.

my second episode came 2 years ago and was vicious, lasting 2 weeks at full strength and then tapered off over the following 2 weeks.

i found that lying with a pillow between my knees helped.

i took every muscle relaxant i had and did nothing of any practical use.

because i knew it wasn’t anything sinister i didn’t panic.

it is wrongly named - hugs are cuddly things!

carole x

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Have a look at this on NHS Choices, may partner has it:

Costochondritis is the medical term for inflammation of the cartilage that joins your ribs to your breastbone (sternum). This area is known as the costochondral joint.

Sounds like it’s more likely MS hug but it’s worth considering.

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Yes I think if I knew what it was I wouldn’t worry. I guess I should see the gp but I strongly suspect I’ll come away none the wiser sadly.

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Thank you for that, I went on the website and took a look. It certainly sounds like it’s a possibility. After having it all day yesterday I woke up with again today but it went pretty quickly thank goodness. Suspect it’ll be back again tomorrow morning.

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Saw my gp today who says the most obvious thing to rule out is an issue with the kidneys. Have to provide a urine sample, should get results by Friday and we’ll go from there. He seemed to think it was unrelated to my other symptoms.

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So the urine sample came back clear which didn’t surprise me if I’m honest. Saw another gp at my surgery today who did a somewhat more thorough examination and he suspects that it is more than likely connected with all my other ‘odd’ symptoms. He has prescribed Amitriptyline and hopes it will help but has advised I mention it to the new neuro at the end if the month.

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I am still waiting for confirmed dx but I have suffered the same pain you have described. I was first fitted with a heart monitor as the pain was so tight my lips would go blue. Results came back clear

i was then sent for a scan of my kidneys and an MRI of kidneys using contrast. Again came back clear.

Working full time and being a busy mother of three I often just give in and don’t push for the rusults or further tests… I get a clear result and try to carry on with life. But this is now affecting my life too much. A lot of days taken off work due to cramps in muscles, blurred vision, sharp pins pain…

x x

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Hi Bear can I ask was your rib pain regular or irregular? Mine wakes me every morning and is just getting worse. The tight feeling g is lasting much of the day now but it’s the spasms which are so painful each morning. It feels like a contraction but around the ribs, enough to take my breath away.

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This may help


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Hi everyone. I eat a lot of tablet every day for pain but every morning i feel pain on all of my body especially my back. I cant rolling in bed. Every morning i look like a Statue. I get tired of this pain . I feel my spine is like wood