Well hello, I’m very new to this and maybe way off the mark here, so I’m after some advice really, for some years now I have suffered really bad with cramps in my toes legs and rib cage, when I get this pain in my ribs it’s awful to the point I sometimes feel I can’t breath…I have to try and stretch it out…it’s almost like a crushing pain…can sometimes last a couple of mins and other times it goes then comes straight back again and this can continue for about 20 mins sometimes, it’s worse if I go out in the cold, i feel it coming on and there’s nothing I can do about it…it’s awful and embarrassing! I also get really bad craps in my feet my toe sticks right up…normally happens wen I’m in bed and then I’m in and out of bed like a yo yo! It happens thoughtout the day to, I find the feet cramps worse around the time of my period if that makes sense to anybody? Anyway like I said I may be way off the mark, but someone mentioned to me the other day while having this cramp in my ribs…you look like your having an m.s hug attack! No one Had ever said anything like that to me before…and I think it’s because I have quite bad lung problems and I’ve always put it down to that but really it’s not in my chest it’s my ribs…so I googled this (I know that’s problem not the best idea) but I seem to relate to some of the other symptoms to…so I’ve now scared myself to death and was just wondering if any of you could describe this M.S HUG feels and if there is another explanation for this rib pain ??

thanks in advance xx

my experience of the hug was that it came on suddenly out of the blue.

my sister had called round because she was suppose to be going to the pub with me and hubby.

instead i ended up clutching my chest and shallow breathing.

both of them wanted to phone for an ambulance.

once you understand how the hug happens it is easier to remain calm.

it is caused by the tiny inter costal muscles between the ribs going into spasm.

the attack lasted 30 minutes then just went away.

my second hug was about 5 years later and it was a biggie.

i was prescribed a short course of diazepam.

it was a new GP and he had no idea of what MS entails.

i gave him a crash course on it and he sent me off to the hospital as a gp referral.

they checked my heart, lungs and other bits and bobs and i was given a clean bill of health.

i suppose it could be described as a bad case of cramp in the ribs.

try to remain calm.