Muscle ache/restless legs??

hi all,

this has been coming on slowly, but nearly every evening now when I am just sitting, my muscles mainly arms and legs start to hurt. Pains and aches/shooting pains and my legs get restless and jumpy. I have rrms but generally well. Is this an MS thing or am I looking at something else? This only happens in the evening. I am a little slow first thing in the morning but not painful just a bit stiff.

thank you in advance and sorry for waffling,

sue x

Hi Sue

I would say it’s an MS thing.

I have a similar problem. The last few night’s I have been woke up with aching legs and not being able to keep them still.

I’m ppms.

Take care xx

Thanks for your reply blossom, I know we can’t put everything down to Ms but it’s always at the back of your mind. Because it’s worse now and every evening would it be classed as a relapse?

best wishes Sue x

Sorry Sue but I don’t know enough about rrms and if your problem could relate to a relapse.

I’m sure some of the other guys on here can help answer your question though. Either way, discuss your concerns with MS nurse or your gp.

Good luck.


hi sue

although i’ve been rrms for over 6 years i still don’t understand exactly what counts as a relapse.

do your muscles go into spasm?

that would likely be ms.

lots of people have restless legs and it is linked to the central nervous system so again likely ms.

contact your ms nurse to pass on this new symptom and maybe ask for the best painkillers.

if you are having spasms you could ask gp for baclofen.

​good luck and i hope your legs behave tonight

carole xx

Hi, I have rrms and have the same problems at night do you take Magnesium tablets? since taking Magnesium in the evening the problems with my legs have moreless gone.

good luck Sue

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Hi, and thank you for your replies? No I don’t think they are spasms as such just a quick jolt. I have had a busy month, mum in hospital with pneumonia, daughter had operation so I had our 6yr old grandaughter, then two weeks busy with the children with Easter hols so I suppose I could just have done too much for now? Roll on Monday when we can get back to normal (and I am interviewing a cleaner for just a couple of hours once a fortnight on Wednesday, a little treat to myself) so maybe a little relaxation is in order :relaxed: X

P.s., worth running the magnesium by the gp/Ms nurse if it doesn’t settle down, thank you for the tip x

Yes Sue

I get this too. I am woken most nights with painful spasms in the calf and foot. When i touch the area it is like a tight ball until hubby rubs the calf and foot and the muscle relaxes again. Really painful.

Neuro organised an MRI to eliminate anything else going on and that came back clear so we assume that it is the MS that is causing this. My legs also feel really heavy throughout the day.

Hope yours eases soon.

Shazzie xx

I have rrms and two weeks ago started with restless legs in the evening and during the night. It was annoying to say the least! Numbness and tingling have set in now. First down the one leg then into the torso, and down into the other leg and now my face. My gp perscribed steroids, although they finished a week ago and there has been no change yet. Hopefully, you will just stay with the restless legs, but it probs a good idea to speak to your ms nurse or gp. Are you new to ms? I consider myself to be, even though I was diagnosed 10 yrs ago, as ive only had a couple of big relapses. Pm me if you like. Good luck x

You won’t believe this, but I’ve found eating less fish (I was having it every day!) and adding potatoes to my evening meal (I hadn’t eaten them since leaving home at 18!) has really reduced this.

Hi. I also have terrible pains in my legs and some nights i cant get to sleep as legs start jumping and are very restless. I take a water bottle in to bed but with cold water. Lie this at bottom bed. Either place my feet on it or place it between my legs. I find this help. Eases the restlessness. You should give it a try xx