Restless legs

Hi, just wondering are restless legs a symptom of ms? It’s something I’ve had for a number of years, long before my diagnosis,eight years ago, only now I can’t walk well enough or far enough to ease it any. Just now it’s driving me nuts!

Hi Flowerpot,yes i think it is a symptom,i’ve had restless and jumpy legs for the past twenty or so years only dx last year,not fun at all,take care Mel.

Hi I have restless legs syndrome it drives me nuts as well,doctor advised me to to drink tonic water as it helps relax muscles but I’m also now on pramipexole it’s a drug used for Parkinson’s disease but also helps in low dose for restless leg syndrome. It does certainly help I couldn’t be without it x

The other thing that can get prescribed is Ropinerole. Another Parkinsons drug that works very well for restless legs - or so my wife says.


Thank you for posting these drug names - I am trying to find something new for leg twitching (I assume similar enough to restless legs for these drugs to work?). Also, I have to post to be able to access threads in the future because labelling threads as ‘favourites’ no longer adds them to my list of favourites (grrrrrr!).

You could do worse than try magnesium, as it can help ease problems with spasm and cramp. I find 375mg does the trick, although you may need to experiment a bit before finding the right dose.

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I was going to suggest magnesium too. The ones I have are 375mg as well, but I usually find just half of one of them quickly does the trick if needed. I’ve also found that if I’ve eaten something really salty like a curry takeaway then it will be worse.


Hi all, when you say restless less legs do you mean like almost the bone marrow wants to stretch but is nearly cramping up. and to relieve this you wriggle your legs about? My father, sister and i all hve restless leg syndrome (as we call it) but i got diagnosed a couple of yrs back, and have other symptoms in my body that make me feel this is ms related. but what about my sister and father?

I just started on Ropinirole. Prescribing for myself again, I’m afraid. When I went to London last week, I got to see a doctor who knew considerably less than I did about MS, instead of my usual, very knowledgeble neuro (I’ve already posted a moan about this). The know-nothing doctor reacted very badly to the idea of prescribing Ropinirole, saying it was just for Restless Leg Syndrome and that I don’t have that. But when I did an internet search afterwards, I found that Ropinirole is also prescribed for Persistent Limb Movement in Sleep, which is exactly what I do have.

So I got my GP to prescribe me Ropinirole, which gave me a lovely night’s sleep on Friday night. I didn’t seem to be in very good shape yesterday, however. I think my walking was worse (but hard to really tell) and I had a wee accident, when I haven’t been having bladder control problems at all for several months.

I didn’t take the Ropinirole last night but I’m going to try it again tonight, just to see what happens. I still think the doctor I saw knew nothing, but it might be that there are reasons why I won’t do well on Ropinirole, which my neuro might have known. I have emailed his secretary, asking all the questions that I didn’t get answers to in my meeting with the ill-informed sidekick. The secretary said she will forward my questions but I haven’t heard anything yet.