Restless/Painful legs

Evening All

Just after some help.

I’ve been suffering from extremely restless, heavy and painful legs, more in the evening and in bed.

I’ve tried stretches, standing on cold tiles, cold towels but nothing seems to help

Don’t really want to call my ms nurse as feel I’m always asking stupid questions. (I’m 33 and was diagnosed a yr ago, well confirmed last March)

Any advise would be great to ease this please


Hi Kirsty

Sorry you’ve been struggling with your legs. Things like this really aren’t much fun : (

The first thing to say is, this isn’t a stupid question to ask your MS nurse. Your post makes it sound like because of your age & length of diagnosis, you should be sorted & know everything you need to know, but that’s never really going to be the case for an illness that varies as much as MS does. So you should definitely call your MS nurse, as there are different medications that can help with pain. For restless leg syndrome though, I find taking magnesium pills really good. I take it in the evening or when going to bed whenever I get it, and it quickly sorts it within about half an hour. It needs to be a decent dose of magnesium, roughly 100% of your recommended daily allowance - just a multi-vitamin won’t be strong enough. You’ll be able to get it from somewhere like Holland & Barrett or Boots.

Hope you find the right thing to help quickly!


Hi Kirsty

I’m not even sure how one defines restless legs. I can’t seem to keep my legs still for long, always feel like a nagging tooth ache kind of feeling. Got me out of bed at at 6 this morning.

We have two single quilts on the bed now. Stops me disturbing my husband too much. Although last night the achy feeling in my legs woke me up and I was kicking my husband’s leg. Luckily he groaned but didn’t wake.

My sodium levels are low, that maybe contributing. Have you had a blood test recently?

Take care xx

Hi Kirsty, I take Magnesium as well with me I don’t have any problems with leg spasms, before it was terrible I couldn’t sleep with the pain.


Thanks everyone for your help. I’ll give Magnesium a try.

Only had blood’s done for liver function so might see if I can get another done to check levelslevels.

Thanks again

thank you for this post.

i have some magnesium supplements but my husband was decorating and all my meds had to be moved,

basically they are in a clip lid storage box in the same place all my bottles were,

no wonder my legs have been giving me grief!

so now i’ve popped my vit D, my omega 3 and my magnesium there’ll be no stopping me.

might get up to some mischief later