Restless legs - ideas on how to cope?

I was diagnosed with MS in late 2010, and one of my most noticeable symptoms is restless legs (and arms). I was prescribed Amantadine for a number of years which really helped, but came off it to start a family.

Recently my legs and arms are really restless in the evenings and when I wake to feed my youngest through the night and it’s so frustrating! I’m still breastfeeding, so am not currently able to take any medication (though am already looking at DMT options for as soon as I can), and was wondering whether anyone has any ideas as to things which can help ease RLS? Someone suggested a banana a day (which I have) and perhaps it’s helping, but sadly not enough.

I was taking Amantadine before children, but I’m told that it isn’t prescribed for RLS any longer as it doesn’t help everyone (though it definitely helped me, I’m sure) - is anything else prescribed these days for when I’m ready to start medication again?

Thanks in advance for any ideas and suggestions, and for reading this far!

I suffered a lot during my pregnancies (not ms related & undiagnosed) Quinine found in tonic waters was recommended to me by my midwife :blush:

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Magnesium did the trick for me and no more restless legs. It’s a beneficial mineral and worth trying before going down the drug route.

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Thank you - I’ll try it!

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