Sleep issues : (

Hi all hope you are as well as can be,

does anyone have sleep issues in the way of very early morning waking?

Sixx weeks now with 1 ly in until 6.30 and i’m struggling. I try not to nap in the day in the hope that night will be better but no joy.

Dad is alot better, so 1 stress gone and heamotologist agreed to put me on Clexane instead of Warfarin for my LP so that should be soon over hopefully but i need sleep!

Tried sleepers they didn’t work on me, any advise welcome.

Sonia x

Bit of a.tough one that, and the reason I’m up and about now. It used to be I would wake at 4a.m. every morning and I would lie awake waiting for the alarm to go sound. I wake no matter how tired I was when I went to bed even.after few beers sleep So I started.getting up, my sleep pattern is the same. I havnt tried sleepers though. It may be that some people dont need as.much sleep ive just got used to it. So your not alon.e with insomnia. I know exactly how you feel- I always want more sleep too, sometimes I get a snooze during the day. Welcome I’m sure some one of more help later on when they.start.waking up. Good luck Sonia F.xx

I have not had an unbroken nights sleep for over 6 months, so I know where you are coming from. I too hav,e tried sleeping tablets, already on anti depressants. No problem really getting to sleep, I wake up to go to the loo and can’t get back to sleep. My legs then start to hurt, pains in my calfs burning and then the jerking starts. Dr said to try and get back to sleep, but if after 45-60 mins not, get up have a drink and try again. Sometimes I go back to sleep, but not always. Just been given Amitriptyline to try, it’s an anti depressant and muscle relaxant that aides sleep. Read about it on here. Got to wean myself off other anti depressants first, before I can start it. But might be worth looking into? Take care

Just to say, I was on Amitriptyline because of bladder problems (didn’t help so I’m off now) but I swear to God they knocked me out. Even if I did wake up in the night for the toilet I was knocked out again no problem. Very vivid dreams though…so just be aware. On my first night I dreamt that I was watching a soldier flying a Chinook very close to my parents cul de sac, I could see his face so well, and then he clipped a building and suddenly a huge chinook fireball came skidding down my mum’s road. It was horrible, and all in colour. I went to tell my husband about my dream when we had gotten home from work and he said ‘you already told me in the morning’ - that’s how out of it I was!

I’m on amitriptyline 30 mg it’s not helping my bladder but does stop me feeling like I’m buzzing as much . I’m on detrusitol ,one in morning and 1 at night and they are helping loads with my bladder frequency :slight_smile: Sam x

Sam are you struggling to push out urine at all?