I need sleep!

Hi everyone i have now been awake for nearly 48 hours, i am exhausted but am unable to sleep, does anyone have any tips that might help? Lord knows how my hubby is putting up with me i am so cranky! If anyone has any ideas they would be gratefully received…i’ll try anything once.

It’s horrible isn’t it apple-pie? I go through phases of 36hrs awake, 12 asleep for days sometimes. Start to feel quite deranged after a while…

If it’s a chronic problem, GP can prescribe Zopiclone to get you into a routine again, if it’s a one off, a glass of wine and an antihistamine (i.e.Piriton) might do the trick.


Thanks Mags, i’ll give the wine a go (might have to be vodka as no wine in) it’s got to be worth a try x

Donna x

Ametriptylile helped me massively.

It eases neuro pain and has a sedative in it.

I was exhausted and could not sleep for long prior to taking it.

I know this sounds a bit daft, but one of the things that I find helps is to stop worrying about it and just rest. If you happen to nod off, all the better, but if you don’t at least you’re resting! Whatever you do, don’t clock watch. And don’t get angry with yourself for not going to sleep. Let the bed hold you up (i.e. totally relax) and just rest.

If you’re not sleeping because your mind is too active, try diverting it to something escapist rather than real life, e.g. design a new house, imagine your dream holiday, choreograph a dance to your favourite song, etc. If reality keeps sneaking back in, try writing it all down so your brain knows you’ve got it covered and can let it go.

I do use zopiclone too, for when I have several nights in a row of bad/no sleep and need to catch up before I turn psychotic(!), but I don’t like to use it too often.

Make sure and see your GP if it goes on any longer - sleep is rather important! Your neuro may also be interested in this - insomnia is a symptom of various neurological conditions.

Karen x