Sleeping ?

Hi Everyone I want to know does anyone have problems sleeping at all i keep going thro stages were i just can’t sleep i feel tired the fatigue deals with that but i just can’t sleep. I have tried over the counter sleep aids but with no luck don’t touch me i have been on prescription sleeping pills ( zopiclone ) They work fab and get me in a routine and then fine for a month or two then it just starts not been able to sleep and when i do it’s only for a short time and i know it doing me no good in the long run. Any ideas would be great !! Many Thanks Dave :slight_smile:

Hi Dave It’s awful when you can’t sleep, isn’t it? I am waiting for a confirmed diagnosis at the moment (been diagnosed with a clinically isolated syndrome and ‘probable’ MS, and previously diagnosed with CFS/ME), and I have had problems sleeping for years - ever since I was diagnosed with CFS. I remember one doctor telling me that if I hadn’t got to sleep after 15 minutes I should get up, do something, then try again. I remember wanting to throttle him! When you are so fatigued that all you want to do is sleep, it is impossible to do anything! I can’t read, I don’t feel safe getting up and moving about, my brain is so foggy I couldn’t concentrate on doing anything at all. Most doctors I have spoken to give you all the usual messages about good sleep hygiene, and if one more person suggests having a warm, milky drink before I go to bed I honestly think I will scream! Several years ago I took sleeping tablets regularly, and it took me a long time to wean myself off them. They are horribly addictive but saying that, the effects of not sleeping can be so damaging that, in my opinion, sometimes that is a risk worth taking. In fact, I have finally managed to get my GP to give me some sleeping tablets to take on nights before I have to go to work, otherwise there is no chance of me sustaining my job at the moment. But it tool several nights of me lying in bed, desperately trying to sleep until 7AM to get a measly 7 tablets out of him. Given my struggles with sleep, I may not be the best person to give advice! :lol: But, here are some things that sometimes help me: - every night I wear ear plugs and an eye mask to minimise distractions and things that might wake me up - find a relaxation or guided meditation CD to listen to before you go to bed. It might take a few before you find one that works best for you - use your bedroom ONLY for sleeping (other bedroom activities also allowed!!), so you associate it with relaxation - I have a stash of different duvets/blankets at my bedside so I can always make sure I feel t the right temperature (I tend to get very hot which interfers with my sleep) I hope some of that helps, and I hope you get some good sleep soon.

Hi Dave & Mandy. I think Zopiclone are great too but as Mandy said, sleeping pills are very addictive and the doc’s don’t like dishing them out. I find that if I use them only occasionally, they do work better and I can sometimes get away with only using half a tablet. I know they’re supposed to be taken every night for a short period to get you into a good sleep routine but these illnesses seem to scramble the part of the brain that helps you sleep and after a while it happens all over again. I also find the odd glass of wine helps me to relax and drop off (although I probably shouldn’t say that!). :smiley: Margaret :slight_smile: xx