so tired

Hi everyone

I just can’t seem to shake this tiredness, i have sleeping tablets, which keep me asleep for 4-5 hpurs then the clock watching starts. Normally i feel not so bad when i get up, but as the day progresses, i get so tired, just not interested in very much!!! similar to lazyness haha.

I was going to buy vitamin b complex, has anyone any ideas or suggestions??

ps i have medication for restless leg…


me in a few hours hahaha

martina x

Hi Martina! All I can say is fatigue is horrible!! Miserable, daunting & mind numbing! xxxjenxxx

thanks jen…it’s very hard to describe…but doing my head in x

Aww bless you xxx it’s on eof the worst symptoms and very hard to explain to others who have not experienced it x

there are lots of posts about fatigue and it’s effects on here, for example this one:

Have a good scroll through - that’s what I do if I have a particular symptom I want to find out about x there are also the other sections of the MSS site that have good info & tips on how to manage it x

BUT if you are anything like me I do all of that then still put up a new post!!! - just because I find the contact - the responses and support - from other people in the same boat is so comforting xxx jenxxxx

I’m not quite sure how to phrase this so please forgive me if this sounds unreasonable! Basically, it would be very much better if you didn’t use sleeping pills unless you absolutely have to. I started using them last year when my insomnia was particularly bad and it took weeks to get off them - a time I would definitely not like to repeat! I do still use them now, but only very occasionally and only when I have had a series of poor nights and really need to “catch up” with sleep. One of the reasons that it’s not a great idea to depend on sleeping pills is that the quality of sleep with them is not as good as normal sleep plus, if it’s MS fatigue that you have, then it will most likely happen no matter if you sleep through the night or not.

Insomnia is really common in MS; it’s like our brains don’t switch off properly, possibly because of damage to the bits involved in doing that. There are all sorts of tricks for dealing with insomnia (if you search for insomnia on the EL page you may find some older threads with lots of suggestions), but one of my favourites is learning NOT to look at the clock! It sounds too simple, but it really can work - possibly because it cuts out the frustration of knowing just how long you’ve been lying there, unable to get back to sleep!

The MS Trust and this website both have free, downloadable publications about fatigue - they would be worth a read to see if there are any tips that might help you.

Insomnia is bad. Fatigue is bad. The combination is a killer

I hope you can work something out to help them soon!

Karen x

Hi Martina I was on sleeping tablets last year for a couple of weeks as my MS was making me very poorly and I was hardly sleeping at all. I was reluctant to go on them as they are very addictive but my GP persuaded me to and she was right as they got me through a bad patch. I came off them as quickly as I could as some other meds I was taking started to work and I was no longer so poorly. These also make me sleepy so I generally sleep fairly well. Anyway I just wanted to share and I hope you get something that will help you. Teresa xx

We received this link from Marcus on the everyday living board. It’s an interesting film about fatigue and how it affects us and good to pass on to friends/relatives too. Wendyxx

awh thank you everyone, i’m just have problem after problem, just rought time…

but thamk you all for your kind comments and lots and lots of support xx