Sleep disorders

Hello everyone, I am new on here but have been looking around for some help.

I have MS and I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem as me? I can sleep all the way through the day if I can but yes I am not really alloud.

Even when I have had a long 8 hour sleep through the night I still feel tired and weak in the day, the light outside makes me feel tired... Then when I am awake at night I feel awake and alert.

Even in the day and I am on madafil I still sleep over that...

So just wondering if anyone else gets like this?

Hi! I was just reading your post about sleeping. I was diagnosed with MS about 2 years ago and am taking tysabri (14infusions so far) but I dont think it is helping me. I had an infusion last tuesday and slept on and off for 3 days,,,even now Saturday I slept all afternoon and am feeling terrible with no energy to even get out of bed! I wish it was Monday and I could ring my MS nurse....I think this must be a relapse! To make matters worse my partner has gone to a party I would have loved to go to this evening but there was no way...

So you are not alone I think with the sleeping but mine has never been this bad....I wish I hadnt started on tysabri now as once you start its not easy to stop and Ive never been offered any other DMD

Best wishes to you!

Sophie x

I’ve had sleep probs for years. All started when a dr told me to take Prozac last thing at night and that lasted two years. When he left the surgery they assumed if I corrected the meds I would sleep right, wrong. I’m broken now and I am no use to anyone in the day I’m so exhausted, but I can’t sleep at night.

I’m now on mirtazapine at night a long side pain meds for my back and Amytriptaline for nerve pain and baclofen for spasms. But can I sleep? Nubs huh. My meds would knock a horse out lol. I’ve had zopiclone and it did help but the drs don’t like you taking it longer than 7 days.

Try lavender and some amethyst around your bed. I know it might not work but if your like me, you’ll try anything.


Hello, and welcome happy2


Fatigue is probably the most common symptom of MS - and it can be really debilitating letdown

It doesn't help that a lot of us get insomnia too. So cruel!!!


There are info booklets on fatigue on here and on the MS Trust that might give you some ideas about how to improve things. You'll find the MSS ones by clicking on "Publications" at the very top of this page.


Karen x

I have been taking a mild sleeping pill for a few years now and it is fantastic. It means I get 5-6 hours of sleep every night. I feel much better although I still have bouts of fatigue and have to sometimes sleep in the day and during the evening. This week I slept for an hour and a half on Tuesday evening resulting in my being awake at 3.15am. I read for an hour or so and got back into bed, eventually dropping off again. Some days getting dressed, washed and eating breakfast results in my having to go back to sleep but I am now more relaxed about the mallet effect.

Having tried lots of different things I find this works for me and somehow I do not mind what new research is telling us, that this could shorten life. Living with some quality of life is what I feel is important.

I hope you find what works for you but.

Chill out.