Sleep Sleep Sleep


Wondering if you could all advise please? My wife was DX a year and a half ago. Neuro is saying PPMS. She fell asleep at 9pm last night and has been awake for a total of 2hrs 40 mins in short periods since.

I am really worried as this can’t be ‘right’ can it???

Any advice gratefully recieved!

Thank you

I have rrms so not quite the same, but I can sleep a lot, and last relapse I slept almost all the time. Even now, when I’m at my mildest, I often need a couple of hours sleep in the afternoon. Otherwise, it can be medication if she’s on any - I know if I take Gabapentin I won’t be awake much.

Just agreeing with Zedsee. With the humidity as bad as it has been then us MSers can sleep a lot. I have SPMS and on a bad day I can sleep for hours. Also, Gabapentin is a nightmare to take as it knocks you out.

Hope she picks up soon.

Shazzie x


Just wondered how your wife is today?


Hi, yeh extra sleep is common for MS folks.

But there are meds which may help. Ask your wife if she could have a chat with her MS nurse, eh?