Can't Sleep!

I have suffered from depression since i was 17 (now 23) and have difficulties in the past with sleeping. Since my dx on the 5th of April i haven’t been able to get anymore than 3 hours a night and i can’t catch a nap during the day either. My gp gave me seven temazepam 10mg but these didn’t help and haven’t in past either. Is there anything the MS nurses can do or do i go back to my gp? The stress of learning about this disease and working are hard enough with out doing it on no sleep. I have also heard that it is bad for ms sufferers to not get sleep is this true?


Hello Steph,

I have rrms and every day I have to go to sleep as I suffer badly with fatigue. I usually sleep for about a hour in the afternoon.

At night I take clonazepam, because I have myoclonic jerks but find that with this drug as soon as my head touches the pillow I’m asleep all night long. Before I started taking this I couldn’t sleep at night and was totally exhausted.

Have a word with your ms nurse or go back to your gp. You need sleep.

Take care.



I have periods of insomnia from time to time - I believe it’s something to do with somewhere in the brain not playing ball when it’s told to switch off by somewhere else in the brain (or the off switch not working properly in the first place). It is usually worst when I am absolutely exhausted too :frowning: I have sleeping pills (zopiclone) for when I have to take them (regular use is not a good thing) - typically after 2/3 nights in a row of b***** all sleep. That usually breaks the cycle, for me at least.

Sleep & insomnia comes up from time to time on the Everyday Living forum so you might find some good tips if you search on there.

Karen x

Hello x

I think it depends on what is a ‘normal’ sleep pattern for every individual x

I’ve always slept like a log - off as soon as my head hit the pillow and gone right through - getting at least 8 hrs of glorious sleep!

That’s not the case now! Over the last few months I’ve been needing - at worst - up to 6 hours sleep in the day too!!!

My fatigue has been terrible - so a week ago I decided to record on my mobile any ‘wake-ups’ in the night - & I’m shocked that I have been waking up at least 9 times in the night with different symtoms disturbing me - I am not getting more than a

No wonder I’m whacked in the day! I knew my sleep was slightly disturbed as I remembered the odd ‘wake-op’ - but I seriously didn’t think it was that disturbed!!

I’m off to the GP to ask for help with it - you keep at it too and hopefully like Karen you’ll get the right meds to help you with it - lack of sleep on it’s own without any other problems has got to have a detrimental affect on your health

xxxxxjen xxxxxxxxx

Weirdly enough since i was diagnosed a week ago my sleep has been quite good…considering for last 6 months my sleep hasnt been great. very strange. i think its cos im suffering with a relapse at the mo im more tired i guess!!

why dont u try a bubble bath at night with lavender. really relaxes me.