Been having trouble with sleep for the past 4 months, dreams, dreams, dreams…

Anyway been trying to take my meds earlier in the night (amitriptyline) see if that helps and going to bed hopefully not too shattered.

Got woken last nite by my hubby, 12.30am - coming to bed after falling asleep in front of the TV, trying to find his phone, he uses it to set his alarm for the morning… Once I’m awake, find it hard to go back to sleep as well… I picked up my cushion and started to make my way to the sofa - he said NO, I’ll sleep there… why come in and wake me up then??? To say I’m a bit peed off is an under statement… He just cant seem to think of little things like that and wonder why we argue!! Does anyone think I’m being unreasonable??? …

Everyone need’s their sleep and (with MS), it’s even more important - not selfish but necessary!


I could have written this post myself! LOL!

Hugs from someone who can understand.

My hubby snores and he is driving me mad!!! I want/need my sleep and i feel dreadful if i don’t get it.

I quite often resort to kipping on the sofa. Even the ear plugs wont block the noise.

We argue cos i am so tired!and grumpy!!!

I have found that the optimum time for me to take my amitriptyline is around 8:30pm or so.

It is sometime hard to drop off again when woken up. Even having to share a bed can be a bit distrubing to sleep but I guess it is better then the alternative.

I have always been a light sleeper, your story mirrors mine,

my oh always falls asleep in front of tv and comes up the stairs and into the bedroom like the proverbial bull at a gate,shortly followed by the cat deciding 1am is a good time to start chasing imaginary mice, which then starts the dog off, lo and behold they all end up sleeping the sleep of the dead whilst i lie there counting the hours till i have to get up for work.

Grrrrr whats a girl to do !

Love em all really ! x