A bad nights work

Ain’t insomnia a right b***h.

No sleep at all last night but I did get a few levels of candy crush sorted, finished my book, started another. It was only when I was getting ready for work that I was thinking I should have made my chocolate chip & hazelnut cookies. Now I have to make them tonight when I get home which wont be until about 8:30pm at the earliest.

Only wake me if I start to snore!!!



It’s very rare that I am awake when I want to sleep. Much more often the other way round with me, lol. If I do have disrupted sleep for whatever reason, I have to give up work and go home to catch up on my sleep as I just can’t function.

I do like the sound of your cookies, any chance you could send me one down the internet? Pleeaaaseee

Hope you enjoy a good snooze tonight.

Tracey x

Ah, I hate that JBK and for that alone I’m grateful for amitriptyline :slight_smile:

On Saturday I just didn’t feel tired and around 1am it finally dawned on me that I hadn’t taken my pills, as it was sooooo late I thought best not to take them and I recall seeing 3.30am. Thank heavens I could have a lay in on Sunday or I’d have been in a right old mess!!

Hope today flies by and you’ll be home before you know it and also that you get a good night tonight :wink:

Sonia x

Hi, yes, sleepless nights are a real nightmare! Ha!

I have no reason to wake since having my spc done…but I do. At the mo, it`s around 5 ish.

One thing that does help is NOT looking at the clock. When you do that, it magnifies the fact that you want to sleep.

Do you keep looking at the clock? if so, try my tip, eh?

luv Pollx

Poll, it wasn’t a case of needing sleep but couldn’t but more a case of just not tired.

Anyway last night - after being awake for 36 hrs and havng been at work all I day, I went to belly dance class where I shimmied about for an hour. I didn’t do the advanced class this week (well I’m Irish, not stupid). The walk to the car was done in my usual drunken sailor style (no police about so got away with it again this week) and went home whereupon I make a batch of cookies while having a bit of a tidy up.

All I’m saying is that if no sleep makes me this productive I should do it more often. Although when I did get to bed I slept like the dead. Hell itself could have opened up outside my window and I would not have heard a thing

JBK xx