Anyone know?

Why am I awake at stupid-O-clock ?!

Sleep patterns quite random lately.

Anyone else get this?

Would Nitol or something like it help?

Take Care all!


Just a thought!
It wouldn’t be stupid-O-clock if I was a shift worker (which I have done in my working life).

Could be any number of reasons

do you work?

do you sleep during the day?

do you take meds?

do you have pain?

do you need a new mattress ?

are you worrying?

are you stressed?

I had this problem for a couple of years till I had to go sick from work, I have slept like a baby since. I sleep even more now I have started some new Medication.

I used to read when I woke during the night and it helped take my mind off things. I found it best not to go on the laptop or iPad as that just made me more alert. Hope you find a way out of it soon.

Jan x

i have trouble sleeping too.

even when i finally fall asleep my bladder wakes me up every 3 hours.

carole x

Hi Steve For years I used to wake up at about 4am and have trouble getting back to sleep, then realised it was hunger. Now I make sure I have a descent supper but if I still wake up and can’t get back to sleep I eat a banana, that usually does the trick!

Sleep …I think that’s something I remember from my distant past!!

Pam x

Hi Steve suffered this for years until i was given Preegaabalin at 9pm then Mertazapine at 11pm now most nights im gone by 11.30 pm ttil about 10am i know when it happened it was awful around 2-3am the anger would kick in and the frustration etc have been know to push the odd laptop screeen through at that time so angry just need to sleep etc etc the meratz is for my ptsd and i know it makes me sleepy but the pregabalin does too , try not to focus on the sleep part and focus on the tv or pc then as soon as you feel tireed turn over to something boring and try to sleep but try not to get to worked up if you dont drop off just turn over and change channel have a fag and i find a coffee makes me tired but hot choc something like that and hopefully your pattern will resume hope it straightens out soon for you mate i remember how bad i felt with it

respect sean