Do you sleep well?

How many people end up being awake early morning, I mean 1a.m to around 4a.m. I always seem to be awake and then head of back to bed until about 11a.m. Having said that does anyone call iin here for early morning chats?


Hi. my sleep pattern is pretty bad tbh!, i find it impossible to get to sleep before 2, not good when you sometimes have to be up at 6 for work ( and alsono matter how much sleep i get i always wake up and feel so tierd like i havent even slept.



I really don’t sleep well at all, it totally frustrates me! Have you heard of bio-rhythms? Maybe something to read up about; true or not.

I’m having another groundhog day, AGAIN! I really don’t sleep well at all, it totally frustrates me! Have you heard of bio-rhythms? Only joking but it totally feels like it i repeat the same day over and over again!

P xx

My sleep pattern has been bad for a long time now.Sometimes I don’t go to sleep at all,I don’t feel tired at all,I’ll just stay awake for 24 hours plus.I can’t help it.

My GP has suggested a winding down routine,warm drink,stay off the laptop,relax etc,and as you can see from the time,it doesn’t work.{ I have only just turned the laptop back on after trying to sleep for the last 3 hours}

I could be awake all night or I might go to sleep soon and sleep untill lunch time.I don’t enjoy it,it’s impossible to predict but I don’t want to take any more pills { not that I’ve been offered any,so just as well }.

I get my husband to ring me around 10am to get me up if I’ve had a late night because I don’t want to sleep all morning,but the neuro says just to go with it and sleep when I need to.

Sorry I’ve waffled and not given any advice,but at least you know you’re not alone,xxjo

I’ve been up since 3.50am which has been my norm for years. I usually have to go back to sleep for a couple of hours in the morning.

I did find out that people with loss of vision and blindness had trouble sleeping due to the lack of the light on their eyes.



Just to redress the balance, I think I am very fortunate, in that most nights, I sleep right through, I go to bed at approx 11.30 pm, and get up at 8.00 am, some nights I pay a quick visit to the loo, but then back to bed and off to sleep.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.


My problem is getting off to sleep cos when I go to bed, it is as though I have put a light switch on in my brain, and my mind is going 20 to the dozen.

Also in the day because you have distractions I find the pain is manageable, but at night it seems to go into overdrive.

Take care


Hi Yvonne,

My sleep used to be very bad I used to be up till about 2am before I got to sleep then woke again about 8am for a wee then back to bed and after an hour so feel asleep again to about 11 or 12am and still felt tired.

I did start Tysabri 3 years past there in August I’m not going on about Tysabri but after a year on it I was able to start going to the gym I found that that gave me loads of energy and when I went to bed around 11pm I sleep right through till about 8am I still got up once through the night to wee but as soon as I got into bed I fell fast asleep again till about 8am.

The last 6 months my bladder has settled down and I sleep right through now I still get up around 8am I could sleep longer but I’ve found if I do I get so stiff and sore and when I do get up after lying on it takes me an hour or 2 get going so I just get up as soon as I wake.

Mark x

Nope - cant remember when I had a good nights sleep.

I seem to just catnap & am a very light sleeper. Every time I turn over it hurts cos of the back spasms anyway & this wakes me up properly.

Makes work very difficult sometimes :frowning:

Doesn’t matter what time I go to bed I cant get off to sleep & am always awake between about 2.30am and 5am.

then when I need to get up at 7am its zzzzzz.


I sleep ok yes. I make sure I get to sleep by about 10.30pm, I usually wake once in the night on my own, or more if my children are involved! I am up with my baby at 6am every morning. I find I’m ok on this sleep, though I could do with a nap by lunchtime I never get one!

Hi everyone So I am not alone with this, I used to sleep day and night if I could but work always got in the way. Now MS seems to be getting in the way of sleeping, the MS nurse told me I needed more but no can do. Always said I didn’t sleep in chair when hubby told me I was snoring. One evening he laughed and called son in, told him he had a short video for him to watch and guess what it was yep me asleep in the chair snoring so I sleep sometimes

Hope you are all well and sleeping.


Sleep ~ whats that !!! I find it very hard getting to sleep then wake up about an hour later to go to the toliet and then wake up a couple of times more before I get up at 7am. I’m a single parent so it’s up to me to get my two kids out for school ( 11 & 13!). Do have to sleep during the day but this doesn’t seem to matter as I have tried fighting it so I would go to sleep better at night but that doesn’t work !

Good luck

Ur, yes. That’s why I’m answering at 3am!

Not always. Mostly when I’m very stressed (probably not ms) and otherwise when I get “cramp” in my arms in the night (probably is ms). You are not alone. Most nights though, I don’t put the computer on (unlike tonight). Happens at least 3-4 times per week for me. There are things to help - depending on what the problem is. But then you have to weigh up the effects of medication - I decided not to bother. xx

Having real trouble getting to sleep the last couple weeks, my brain just can’t shut off and has a million things running through, try to think of sunny beaches but it just gets interrupted by something else. I have been signed off sick so I hope it changes soon cause I’m back to work :frowning:

I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep. As soon as I’m in the bed I’m uncomfotable. It’s like my legs and my right arm start to ache and then I’m knackered in the morning It’s usually after 2 by the time I fall asleep and then I’m up at 8.

Hi I have terrible nights. I go sleep fine like 11/12am, but am awake within a hr or 2 n then cant go back to sleep til the mornin, n then have a few hrs, n in the day about 2/3pm i have a hr or 2. Have tried no sleep in day, which didnt help. Had a amtriplyine last night, n was terrible, on n off for 6 hrs, woke up about 20 time, n at 5am had to get up. Wont b takin that again. N wake up in morn with pains n achs. Its not gd. V xx


I’ve got a very good sleep pattern now (though it does involve me not going to sleep until quite late, hence me writing this now). I used to sleep really badly and was referred to a sleep clinic. They recommended a book by a guy called Colin Espie, who claims to be able to sort out any problems with not sleeping (put his name into Amazon and you’ll find his book easily enough). I didn’t actually read it but I was given one tip from the book, which has done the job for me. What he says is to only go to bed when you’re sleepy. If you’re not asleep after quarter of an hour, get up and do something like read or do a puzzle, and then only go to bed when you’re sleepy - not just tired, but actually sleepy. Again, if you’re not alspeep after 15 minutes, get up. The idea is so that your mind associates going to bed with sleep, rather that associating being in bed with tossing & turning. So now I’ve come to accept that I’m a bit of a night owl, but I know that in about hald an hour I’ll start to fall asleep, so I’ll go to bed then & I know I’ll sleep.

There are other little tips that I find help. I never look at the clock - seeing that it’s 4am & I’ve not slept will instantly get my head worrying about not sleeping, which obviously only makes it more likely that I won’t. I try not to eat late - going to bed on a full stomach doesn’t help much. And no caffeine after about 5pm. Getting some exercise during the day always help. And lower the lights in the evening to help your body begin to wind down (I always lower the brightness on the computer screen too.) When I’m in bed I sometimes think of lists - not things to do, but random things like name 20 characters from West Wing, or 20 composers, things like that which will help my mind to focus on something. I have some gentle talks or audio books on my MP3 player as well which I might listen to (I currently have one of the Narnia books, which is read in a very soothing way). I have the volume very low so that I have to concentrate to hear it, which again helps my brain to concentrate on something, taking my mind off whether or not I’m asleep.

Hope those things help


I used to sleep to much go to bed early sleep through then have a nap during the day!!! but now i don’t sleep enough go to bed later wake up after a couple of hours then catnap for an hour then get up and don’t often nap during the day

I feel tired but just can’t sleep

I would just love a happy medium

Tracy x

I listened to an audio book last night and it definitely helped in the part i was struggling with, getting off to sleep. :slight_smile:

Mornin all. I havnt been sleepin well for ages so went boots on thurs n had word with pharmasist about sleepin tablets. So she suggested Sleepeaze 25mg, didnt work that well that night, so then took a amitriptyine fri nite, that was horrible, woke up like 20 times n was really annoyed lol. So then sat n sun nite took 50mg of sleepeaze, n iv had the best 2 times in so long, ok i do wake up a couple of times for up to a hr, but am so sleepy that i go back to sleep, so not awake all nite. Well these tablets are only short term, so goin back to doc on fri to see wat else i can try. Anyone taking anything else other than amitriptyine. V xx